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Ranking the Songs in ‘The Sound of Music’

The Sound of Music in the last month since I first watched it has become one of my favorite movies of all time. It literally makes me happy every time I watch it and a great contributor to my joy is the songs. After seeing it for a recent fifth time I’m glad to say I’m starting to learn the songs and each song makes me smile for one reason or another.

The Sound of Music is a different musical than most as it recycles many of its songs over and over again for different scenarios in a truly beautiful fashion. Despite the recycling of these songs, The Sound of Music ends up having eleven songs in all, all of which have their own power to them. Today, I wanted to share my ranking of these eleven songs and explain why I love each and every one of them so much. Enjoy!

11. “I Have Confidence”


Maria is a bit of a difficult person to get to know because she can be so truthful. Her time at the abbey has led her to believe she won’t do a great job being a governess so she must find the inner confidence to take on such a “difficult” task.

It’s a powerful buildup to the point where she is no longer afraid but ready to take on the challenge ahead and a great boost of gusto if you may need something to build your own confidence on any day (if you know the words to the song.) Continue reading Ranking the Songs in ‘The Sound of Music’