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Who’s Your Favorite X-Men Character?

The X-Men are an awesome array of unique characters with incredible abilities. It’s only until recently that I’ve begun to actually care and pay attention to the different heroes and I have to say, they’re pretty awesome. Their movies aren’t as great or easy to follow (timeline-wise) as the MCU movies but if you like superheroes there are tons of heroes to get behind in this franchise. With this many cool characters to enjoy there will always be debate of who’s the best of the X-Men. And that’s why they are the topic of this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite? Here are the characters.

(My X-Men knowledge is limited so I will be listing the mainstream characters that I know.)



Cyclops has always been a cool character because of his interesting eye beam ability and the same can still be said from this most recent rendition of the character. While I don’t know much about the X-Men I knew who Cyclops was in my younger age and that shows the impact this hero had on me as a child.



Mystique is easily one of the coolest concepts of a character in the superhero world. The fact that she’s this shape-shifting alien-ish sort of being is remarkable awesome and it’s what makes her so cool. She’s also a great fighter as well. All in all, Mystique is pretty cool.

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These Are the X-Men Characters I Want To See in the MCU

The last time I wrote a post displaying the X-Men I wanted to see in the MCU Disney had just bought Fox. Since then I’ve watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and so I have a greater idea of the X-Men I like and the ones I don’t care so much for. So, on that note, here’s an updated version of the X-Men I want to see in the MCU.



I didn’t realize how cool Magneto was until my recent viewing of Days of Future Past. Then I realized how awesome this character actually was. I think Magneto would be positively epic in a MCU setting and I’m hoping Kevin Feige is thinking the same as me.

Jean Grey


First of all, if you may not know (I just found this out too) Jean Grey, in one of those Marvel comics, met the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a crossover event between the Guardians and the X-Men and so they had to fight together to stop some powerful villain (I don’t know who that was.) So that can be put into context.

Secondly, she’s really cool. Before I knew what the X-Men were I knew Jean Grey and I think she would be a fantastic heroine to join the MCU.

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