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Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-FOUR)

Silverware clinked and glasses thumped against a gorgeous wooden dining table as Natasha, Nick Fury, Agent Hill, and Shuri dug into a simple Wakandan dinner. The nearby wall was made entirely of glass, providing a view of the city in all of its glittering glory in the night time. Steve Rogers stood at the window, his arms crossed and his jaw clenched. He couldn’t eat. Not with this much worry on his mind. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-FOUR)


Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-ONE)

“Breathe, Sharon. Keep breathing,” Steve urged as he stood beside her, holding Sharon Carter’s slack hand and gazing at her lightly bruised face.

Natasha, piloting the Quinjet, hadn’t said a word since they had zoomed away from London. Even Nick Fury and Agent Hill were expectedly resolute in their actions as Sharon’s chances of survival lessened with each passing minute. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-ONE)

Captain America: Secret War (NINETEEN)

Natasha Romanoff climbed the stone wall, hurriedly reaching the top and pulling herself over the bridge just as the Quinjet arrived and landed. Natasha looked to find Steve and saw him huddled next to what looked like Sharon Carter who lay prone on the street. Sam Wilson was standing guard before the both of them and Dr. Frost was currently preoccupied with… Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (NINETEEN)

Ranking the Marvel Heroines; From Worst to Best: Updated

When I first created this post I was still a month and a half away from seeing Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, since then, we have had three new heroines join the party; Captain Marvel, Wasp, and Pepper Potts, meaning this list needs an update pronto. Enjoy my new ranking of the Marvel heroines!

15. Agent 13


I didn’t realize how much I liked Sharon Carter until it was announced that she may play a role in the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier series on Disney+. I was legitimately excited. At that moment I realized just how much she had grown on me over the years. I would probably place her higher if she wasn’t against such stiff competition, hence the last place on this list.

14. Agent Peggy Carter


I like Peggy because she isn’t just a pretty face. She’s also tough, strong-willed, and she proved that she was more than just a love interest/damsel-in-distress. I appreciate that. It’s a shame that she only made one major appearance in the franchise in Captain America: The First Avenger but she definitely won me over.

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A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Okoye

Ever since I watched Black Panther for the first time I have been an Okoye fan. From the moment she threw off her wig to her speaking Wakandan in front of confused American agent, Everett Ross I have loved her character SO much. And she has one of the most beautiful outfits of any of the heroines with her Wakandan armor, jewelry, and clothes. And not only is she a powerful warrior but she’s a general as well, making her even more awesome.

She, thankfully, was one of the few heroes who were not a victim to The Snap, meaning we will get to see more with her in Endgame and I am excited. But before that, we have to to take a look at her posters. Enjoy!

Black Panther


With her bowed and her stance representing that of a warrior, General Okoye oozes strength on this poster. In a way, this poster highlights the conflict in her nation by her solemn stance but there is also resolve to her as well. She knows that she will fight for her country and her king to the very end, no matter who may sit upon it, but she will face a choice. Fight with blind loyalty to a tyrannic king (Erik Killmonger) or fight for what she believes in, the wellbeing of her country, Wakanda. She would choose the latter.

And by the way, I love her armor so much. The shoulder pads, the bracers, the golden necklace, everything about Okoye’s outfit is amazing.

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