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Who’s Your Favorite Major Prequel Trilogy Character?

The Skywalker Saga is coming to a close this December and while our brains may be currently preoccupied with such delights such as The MandalorianStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and so forth, we can’t forget another very important aspect to the story, which is, of course, the prequel trilogy. The Prequel Trilogy has delivered plenty of characters, some fascinating, others annoying, but all of which are rather memorable. For this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? I figured giving a bit of love to the PT characters was in order. Enjoy!

Mace Windu


The only Force-wielder to have a purple lightsaber in Star Wars, Mace Windu stands out as clearly one of the coolest and most memorable characters of the Prequel Trilogy.

Jar Jar Binks


While Jar Jar Binks fans are far and few there’s no denying the impact this character has had on the franchise. Continue reading Who’s Your Favorite Major Prequel Trilogy Character?

What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 3?

For this final segment of What’s Your Favorite Look? I’m finishing it off with Padme’s designs in Revenge of the Sith. Now, because I have extended the What’s Your Favorite? topic for nearly two weeks there will not be a Who’s Your Favorite? topic this Sunday but all will return to normal next Sunday.

So, on that note, here are her dazzling looks from Revenge of the Sith. Enjoy!

The Mother-To-Be Outfit


When Padme was first introduced in Revenge of the Sith she wears this fascinating velvet cloak to hide her form to prevent anyone from noticing her pregnancy. She also wears her hair in cinnamon buns as yet another homage to Leia, the daughter she would bear in a few months. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 3?

What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 2?

Yesterday I shared a list of all of Padme’s looks from The Phantom Menace. Today, we look at her prettiest wardrobe yet from Attack of the Clones. Enjoy!

Undercover Senator


Padme knew she was hated by the Trade Federation and that they would one day try to enact their revenge. It’s why, even as a senator, she had to travel with such caution. So, at the beginning of Attack of the Clones, we see Padme dressed as a pilot to remain undercover and yet even in a piloting outfit she manages to look stylish.

I mean, look at that belt! Stylish. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 2?

What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 1?

There are a lot of beautiful and imaginatively inventive outfits that are made for characters in cinema but it’s kind of obvious that Padme has the greatest wardrobe of all of the characters. From The Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith, Padme’s style is outstanding with a capital O and so very extensive that her segment will take three days to study. So on that note let’s look at her outfits in The Phantom Menace.

Classic Red Dress


So perfect, so illustrious, so powerful, Queen Amidala demands your attention in this fascinating getup. This was the look she wore for the first time we saw her in The Phantom Menace and it was very apparent that this woman, this young queen, was a boss. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 1?

Padme’s Ten Best Looks

There are a lot of beautiful and imaginatively inventive outfits that are made for characters in cinema. Star Wars is a field day of unique but practical looking clothing that gives each character their own identity and Padme’s clothing, throughout the prequel trilogy, was stunning, to say the least.

As a child, my sister and I would discuss which outfits were more beautiful and marvel at the gorgeousness of Padme’s dresses. Even now, I still find myself staring at Padme’s wardrobe in sheer awe. No Star Wars character has come close to having a ravishing clothing collection as beautiful as hers. But not only were the clothes but the hairstyles and accessories paired with each dress or jumpsuit were just as impressive.

Today I would like to share with you my ten favorite looks from Padme Amidala. Enjoy!


10. Wedding Dress


When Padme Amidala got married it was pretty much a big deal and she was going to make sure she looked more beautiful than the very environment surrounding her. This dress flatters her beautifully and the hairstyle is just as magnificent.


And from far away it’s even more spectacular, flowing so perfectly with the lovely head covering melding with the dress. This dress makes me wonder what Leia’s wedding dress looked like. Continue reading Padme’s Ten Best Looks

The Reason Why Padme Is the Worst ‘Star Wars’ Heroine; Comparing Sequels

The other day I watched the second half of Attack of the Clones, which I hadn’t seen in years (I don’t watch it very often anymore) and as I watched the movie I found myself baffled by Padme’s role in the film. Yeah, I’ve watched the film a million times but I haven’t really seen it during the Disney era of Star Wars. With so many inspiring and incredible heroines to enjoy it’s almost shockingly bad how George Lucas treated his only heroine of the prequel trilogy; Padme Amidala.

And don’t get me wrong. She’s a great heroine, or at least she was in The Phantom Menace.


She was a teenage queen but you didn’t even see that because of how mature she was. She didn’t shrink under the scrutiny of the senators in the Republic, she didn’t mind calling Chancellor Valorum out for his lack of care in Naboo’s situation, and she wasn’t afraid to die fighting for the people that she loved. She literally led her meager army, with the help of the Jedi, to war against the much larger force, the Trade Federation and won!

Fast forward three years later to Attack of the Clones and it’s as if every aspect that made her such a likable character was erased, replaced by this storyline that made her seem weak in comparison to her role in The Phantom Menace. Continue reading The Reason Why Padme Is the Worst ‘Star Wars’ Heroine; Comparing Sequels