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The Brilliance of the ‘Survivor’ Greats in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

Tomorrow night the fourth episode of Survivor: Winners at War airs and I am once again looking forward to seeing the drama unfold. The first four votes have been very telling; the first person voted out of Winners at War was a woman of color, Natalie Anderson, two other women (Amber Mariano and Danni Boatwright) followed suit as their respective tribes figured they were easily expendable, and last week’s episode delivered the season’s first male contestant to get voted out, Ethan Zohn.

And yet, why is this truly a big deal? Because two of the season’s biggest targets have been on the chopping block two weeks in a row but have, surprisingly, not met the sword yet. Of course, that pertains to Boston Rob and Parvati, two of the most cunning and brilliant individuals to ever play this game. Continue reading The Brilliance of the ‘Survivor’ Greats in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’