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Who Is The Greatest Pilot In The Galaxy?

There are a lot of fantastic pilots in Star Wars. In fact, a great pilot is always an essential character to have as a part of any crew in Star Wars. Without one, you’re missing a key aspect of being able to get out of trouble if need be.

Throughout my time watching this franchise there have been many remarkable pilots. Han Solo. Luke Skywalker. Wedge Antilles. Anakin Skywalker. Poe Dameron. Rey. Kylo Ren. And there are many more. But of these pilots who is the greatest? It’s one of the hardest questions I have ever asked myself of this franchise.

So, I will judge these pilots off of three criteria. 1: Evasion. 2: Target Destruction Rating. And 3: Sweet Moves.

To make this post as minimal as possible I will decipher who the best pilot is between these three finalists; Han Solo (of course), Poe Dameron (this is also not a surprise), and Anakin Skywalker. All three of these pilots have shown us their skills multiple times over multiple situations and so it gives me more room to judge. (But I would like to give a quick shout out to Kylo Ren and Rey who are also fantastic pilots in their own right.)

Okay, let the judging begin.

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Will Everett Ross Make a Cameo Appearance in ‘Captain Marvel’?

A couple of days ago I watched one of my favorite superhero films, Black Panther, and one of the characters I really enjoy in the movie is Deputy Task Force Commander Everett Ross. He debuted in Captain America: Civil War with a menial role that didn’t mean much but ended up playing a major role in Black Panther which is so cool. Here was this character that I didn’t really think about and it turns out he kind of ended up being really important.

One of the moments in the movie that stuck out to me while recently viewing the film was when Shuri relays that he is an Air Force pilot. Now, I already knew this of course, but with Captain Marvel becoming the next film to look forward to, the Air Force has suddenly become a lot more important.


Captain Marvel is set in the 90s’ so does that mean we may potentially see a younger version of Everett Ross as an Air Force pilot? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I think it would be a fantastic cameo and would really shine an even greater light on this somewhat important character.

What do you think? Should Everett Ross have a surprise cameo appearance in Captain Marvel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

What’s Next For Poe?

The Last Jedi was and wasn’t the best film for Poe Dameron. In The Force Awakens Poe was the greatest pilot ever! He was so cool and I was SO happy that J.J Abrams didn’t kill him off like he originally was planning to because he was such an awesome character that it would’ve been sad to see him go. Rian Johnson took this incredible character that I loved so much and made a story for him for the better…and the worse. He elevated the character by evolving him from a simple pilot to a wise leader but he also might’ve hurt Poe by making him a little too brash and confused at times. Star Wars viewers started to dislike the character and now Poe has gone from a fan favorite to a slight annoyance of the trilogy. But what’s next for this charming king of the skies? Well. that’s what this post is about. Enjoy!

Poe Is Now A Recognized Leader of the Resistance but What New Obstacles Could He Face?


Poe went from a Resistance hero to a demoted disappointment and then back around to a trusted leader but was The Last Jedi his biggest test or is his toughest obstacle still to come? I think it’s safe to say that when we see the delightful Poe again he’ll be a general of the Resistance considering how much of a leader he was by the end of The Last Jedi but if it’s a substantial time gap what will he have to face? What will the last leg of his journey present to the trilogy as a whole? Well, I think a side of him that we have never seen before is him protecting someone that he truly loves.


Even though he obviously loves Leia as a surrogate mother and he cares deeply about his friends he’s always thought more of himself than others. That’s why he disobeyed Leia when she called off the attack on the Dreadnaught. That’s why he tried to concoct a plan to save the Resistance…himself, and Leia stunned him for his mutinous actions. He’s always been a little self-centered, it’s part of his endearing charm, but it can make him, in the eyes of others, a little conceited. But now that Poe has a level head and is making decisions more rationally what would happen to him if he had to confront the reality of someone he romantically loves on the front lines of the Resistance? He would undoubtedly want to keep that person safe and that could lead him back to that selfish personality that haunted him so badly in The Last Jedi. Would he make a possible war ending decision if it meant that his loved one could potentially be killed or would he jeopardize the Resistance to save the life of someone he loves?

These are obstacles that he hasn’t been faced with and could serve as a very emotional final chapter that could end the trilogy with a glorious triumph or a resounding heartbreak. This is the storyline that I would give Poe considering that Rian Johnson already provided him a worthy development in The Last Jedi and I think J.J Abrams should just build on that evolution.

I thank you for reading this fascinating theory that I had so much fun writing and I hope you have a magnificent day. Make sure to tune in later as I give you my almost-live reaction to Avengers: Infinity War. I can’t wait to tell you what I think of it. 🙂



Why Are TIE Fighter Pilots So Terrible?

Since the beginning of Star Wars coming to the cinematic world of Hollywood TIE Fighters are the equivalent of stormtroopers in space. There’s a multitude of them in battles and yet they do little damage and the good guys can beat them with relative ease. But why is this the case? Aren’t these trained pilots who have worked for years honing their piloting skills just like our rebel hero pilots? Don’t they have stories and emotions just as complex as the heroes and yet they’re disposed of without so much as a thought?

You know, I never realized how bad TIE fighter pilots have it until I recently watched The Last Jedi. When the TIE fighters chased the Millennium Falcon through the caverns on Crait they got obliterated one by one as they bounced and crashed off of the blood red crystal walls of the cave but the Falcon, this much larger ship, was able to slip through ridiculously slender gaps and weave its way through the cavern with remarkable ease. But how is that possible? I know, Chewbacca is a GREAT pilot but can you really expect that there aren’t any FABULOUS TIE fighter pilots as skilled as piloting their crafts as Poe or Han Solo? That doesn’t make sense.

TIE silencer

And then another part in The Last Jedi that shows how little respect is given to the TIE fighters is when the First Order ambush the Resistance. Kylo Ren terrorizes the Resistance and never gets hit by a wayward laser but his three TIE fighter wingmates all get obliterated in the short battle. Those poor fighters. They could’ve been made to be just as important as Kylo Ren but instead they were just these silent ships made to be annihilated.

Now, I’m not saying TIE fighters are entirely useless. They have caused a lot of pain and death to many rebels throughout the years but I’m just saying, I’m waiting for the Captain Phasma of TIE fighter pilots. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What if there was a squadron of pilots like the Death Troopers called the Death Squad or something like that and every fighter in that squadron would be as impressive a pilot as Rey or Kylo or even Poe? That would be ridiculously incredible! Come on LucasFilm, make it happen, please. 🙂

Now I kind of want the trend of basically useless TIE fighters to continue so the rebels can have an easier time of winning the war but I would just love to eventually see these fighters treated with a little bit of respect and imagination.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.


Poe’s Greatest Moments

I love Poe! I mean who doesn’t love Poe? He’s funny, he’s charming, and he’s the greatest pilot I’ve ever seen in Star Wars. When he appeared in The Force Awakens I immediately knew he was a character I was going to like and after recently reading The Last Jedi novel and watching the movie, thanks to its digital release yesterday I was further reminded how much I love his character. So today on this segment of Greatest Moments I’m sharing with you all of Poe’s moments that have excited me the most. Enjoy!

1. Captured


This is one of my favorite Poe moments because it was the first time I realized his humorous streak and it was hilarious. It was such a tense moment but Poe brought such levity to that scene. It also spoke to his bravery considering that he wasn’t afraid to joke around with Kylo Ren. That takes a lot of guts. But I’m not surprised because Poe is just that awesome. 🙂

2. Downing Thirteen First Order Enemies in What…Thirteen Seconds?!

Blue Squadron

We all know that Poe is an incredible pilot but what he did in The Force Awakens is undoubtedly one of the greatest things a pilot has ever done. I remember the first time I saw Poe take out thirteen enemies, in the sky and on the ground, in roughly thirteen seconds as he flipped and rolled and zoomed over Finn’s head. It was in IMAX and I was utterly floored. I had never seen anything as cool as that from a pilot and the incredible thing is he hasn’t slowed down since. I know I’ve said this before but…Poe is AWESOME!

3. Taking out the Dreadnought Cannons

Black One

What’s a better way to start The Last Jedi than having Poe single-handedly take out the Dreadnought’s cannons? It’s one of the greatest Star Wars beginnings ever! He took out those cannons so effortlessly and then when he performed that maneuver where he basically performed a 360 around his pursuing TIE fighters before blowing them all away at once is beyond incredible! Poe is undoubtedly the greatest pilot in Star Wars and I can’t wait to see him perform some more piloting magic in Episode IX.

4. Rekindling the Spark


The description for Poe’s story in The Last Jedi is a hot mess. As soon as his beautiful, black X-Wing was blown up everything was basically turned upside down for Poe Dameron and rightfully so. He’s never had to lead, or be led, without the stimulation of his cockpit far from reach. And yet here he was, stuck on a ship, enduring a slow motion chase as the First Order continuously followed the Resistance’s ships until they would run out of fuel and he wasn’t able to do anything about it. His brain practically exploded.

He was so out of line Leia had to stun him! That’s hilarious. But he did learn his lesson and seeing his growth from an ace pilot to a level-headed leader in the The Last Jedi is actually one of the joys of the film for me and this scene accentuates that.

When Luke went to face Kylo Ren he could’ve easily made a brash decision and decide to take that as a chance to fight but instead he chose the smartest thing to do. He led the Resistance to safety instead of leaving them to a heroic death. A much different and wiser Poe made that decision than the same Poe at the beginning of the movie.

When he returns in Episode IX I am beyond excited to see him as a legitimate leader of the Resistance and watch as he takes the spark and lights the First Order up…with his piloting skills. 🙂

These are, to me, his Greatest Moments and I can’t wait to see this list extend in the far future. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

The Greatest Pilots in ‘Star Wars’

Ever since A New Hope there has been the talk of greatest pilots in the galaxy and throughout the nine films there have been many incredible pilots that have come and gone and I’m here to tell you which characters I think are the most awesome pilots in the galaxy. Enjoy!

7. Chewbacca

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I didn’t realize how great a pilot Chewbacca was until I saw his piloting skills on full display in The Last Jedi and I have to say, I was kind of stunned. His maneuvers through the Crait caverns was very, very impressive and it’s really cool to see Chewbacca take the helm of his best friend’s ship, the Millenium Falcon.

6. Lando Calrissean


Don’t forget, Lando owned the Millenium Falcon way before Han Solo ever did and so it’s no surprise that he can fly the iconic ship very well. In Return of the Jedi he performed some impressive piloting as he flew through the internal boundaries of the incomplete Death Star. Those were some very tight spaces they had to fly through and he took that large ship through there like it was easy. And that is why Lando is on this list.

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