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Did You KNow Disney Is Making a Live-Action Movie Featuring an African Princess?

Disney, for the past several years, have made live-action movies featuring some of the greatest fairy tales and stories; Alice in WonderlandThe Jungle BookBeauty and the Beast, the list goes on. And now it’s been reported that a new live-action film is in the works featuring the story of an African princess named Sade. Um…AWESOME!

Here’s the current synopsis: Sadé centers on a young adult African girl named Sadé who, when her kingdom is threatened by a mysterious evil force, accepts her newly discovered magical warrior powers to protect herself and her people. With the help of the kingdom’s prince, Sadé embarks on an adventure that will allow her to embrace what makes her special and save the kingdom.

As of right now, Rick Famuyiwa (The Mandalorian) is set to produce the film. Sounds amazing, right?

After Black Panther‘s surprising success it seems that Disney is looking to find more ways to incorporate stories of black heroes and heroines into their various franchises. I honestly couldn’t be more excited to hear this news. This is great news to hear and I hope to hear more about it in the coming years.

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Movie Review Flashback: ‘Moana’ Is a Beautiful Movie For the Empowerment of Young Girls

I watched Moana because I’ve been wanting to see it for two years straight. I had, for a while, lost interest in Disney movies but Frozen reawakened that excitement. I literally own Frozen, I enjoyed it that much. I know most of the songs by heart and the story was superbly told as it was unlike any Disney princess movie I had seen. So, since then I watched Zootopia, which I loved, and Inside Out, which I actually didn’t like that much if I’m being honest but I had never gotten around to watching Moana. Well, I’ve finally seen it and I can honestly say, it’s a beautiful movie.


There is a lot of heart to this story and what made it such a fantastic film for young girls to see is the fact that it truly stayed front and center on Moana through the entirety of the movie. The story never deferred from her, she was always the hero through the vast majority of the film, and it showed that girls can be just as heroic as the boys any day. Whenever she found herself in tough situations she used her wit and determination to get out of it and whenever she was at her lowest she found the inner strength to keep going. Moana isn’t a story about a princess falling in love with a prince but rather a young woman wanting to save the world and that is a powerful change to the narrative of girls in Disney movies. Continue reading Movie Review Flashback: ‘Moana’ Is a Beautiful Movie For the Empowerment of Young Girls

Movie Review Flashback: ‘Maleficent’ Is a Gorgeous but Boring Movie

In light of the new trailer that came out yesterday for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil here’s a look back at my review for Maleficent. Enjoy!

I missed seeing Disney’s Maleficent five years ago and chose to watch the sci-fi thriller starring Tom Cruise, Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow instead. I’m glad I did. When I finally did watch Maleficent it was not what I expected, and I don’t mean that in a good way.


Angelina Jolie is the perfect actress to play the role of the anti-hero, Maleficent. She’s fierce and conniving, benevolent and caring, but she also looks the part immensely. I mean look at those cheekbones! Amazing. But she was the only good thing about the film.


Maleficent is literally the story of Sleeping Beauty but this movie changes the narrative as we get to see the fairy tale told through Maleficent’s eyes. After being betrayed by the man Maleficent thought truly loved her she cursed his daughter to fall asleep on the night before her sixteenth birthday by pricking her finger on a spindle’s wheel. And the only way she could be woken was through true love’s kiss, which she believed didn’t exist, so the girl would sleep for eternity.

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Movie Review Flashback: The Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Is a Beautiful Take On A Fairy Tale Classic

The last really good live-action remake of a Disney classic was Beauty and the Beast and boy, was it entertaining, especially after seeing how faithful it was to the original. Ahead of The Lion King which comes out in less than a month, I’m looking back at the review I wrote for 2017’s Beauty and the Beast starring the instantly recognizable Emma Watson. Enjoy!

I finally watched the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and I can honestly say I highly enjoyed it. Here’s a rundown on what I know of Beauty and the Beast. I never watched the animated Disney Beauty and the Beast film, I missed that bandwagon, but I did own a book of the fairy tale when I was a child and I LOVED it. I read it over and over again and so to see the movie brought back all of that nostalgia from when I was a little girl.

When this movie was coming out in 2017 there was so MUCH publicity surrounding the film I didn’t want to watch it but now that it’s been just over a year since it burst into theaters I’ve finally seen it and I am very happy that I did. I tried to watch Cinderella and couldn’t finish it but Beauty and the Beast was much better.

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Wow, ‘Aladdin’ Looks Amazing!!!!!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. The new trailer for Aladdin looks INCREDIBLE!!! I was talking a lot of smack for the past few months but after seeing this full-length trailer I am a believer. Check it out.

I wasn’t convinced about Aladdin thanks to the lackluster teasers but now after watching this, I am truly excited about this film.

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‘Frozen’ Is A Disney Masterpiece

When Frozen came out five years ago (can you believe it’s already five-years-old?) it was all the rage. You couldn’t go two seconds without hearing something about the latest Disney movie phenom, Frozen. That next year I finally got to see it for the first time after I bought it and I was blown away. Disney princess movies are hard to make. Especially ones as good as the classics like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and yet Frozen managed to capture that same magic in a bottle in a modern way.

I was hooked. I couldn’t stop watching the movie. But then, after a while, I finally gave it a rest. So, after not having seen the movie in years, I decided to watch it last night and as I watched the film that captured the fancy of moviegoers all over the world I remembered why I loved this movie so much.

Major Spoiler Alert! If you’ve never watched this film then be warned. I’m delving into major spoiler territory moving forward. I thank you for heeding this warning. Continue reading ‘Frozen’ Is A Disney Masterpiece