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Loki and Sylvie: How The ‘Loki’ Finale Established Their Potential Journeys for Season 2

Loki was quite a ride wasn’t it? It transitioned from a hilarious buddy-detective plot to an epic love story drama that ended with one of the best and biggest cliffhangers in the MCU so far.

Honestly, I’m still reeling a bit after that finale but, of course, my mind is always looking to the future. A future that seems to have been brilliantly set up to be something truly special next season. But to understand where these characters’ stories can go we have to look at what the show and the finale revealed to us about Loki and Sylvie.

(This will be a longread.)

Loki’s Story

To understand Loki’s incredible six-episode transformation in the series we have to think about his roles in Thor and The Avengers.

Beb ; Loki era on Twitter: "Loki's and Thor's eyebrows in the first Thor  movie hit different… "

In Thor, we get to see Loki go through an emotional rollercoaster of a storyline. He starts off as the jealous brother who tries to keep Thor from being king by secretly inviting the Frost Giants into Asgard to crash the party. His plan veers out-of-control when Thor decides to take revenge on the Frost Giants, resulting in his banishment. Meanwhile, Loki on Jotunheim discovers when touched by a Frost Giant that his skin turns blue like them. It suddenly clicks why he’s always been treated so differently than Thor, why he was never groomed for the throne even though he was the smartest of the two brothers.

He learns that he’s adopted and it shatters Loki, driving him on a villainous path that he hopes will conclude with him being King of Asgard. His plan fails but he turns to Thanos, becoming his pawn and in return he would become King of Midgard a.k.a Earth.

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Are Loki and Sylvie Marvel’s Kylo Ren and Rey?

Loki has been quite the ride so far and while I may have written a post on whether Loki would finally have a love interest in his own series I definitely did not expect it to happen like this…

Loki episode 3: The MCU gets its first official bisexual character - CNET

In the third episode we spend forty minutes with Loki and Sylvie bonding. The fourth episode takes that bond to the next level. And before I go any further, yes that bond is romantic. A lot of people are hoping it’s a platonic situation happening but everything is pointing to Loki falling for Sylvie and vice versa. Just think about it.

They met, despised each other at first, and then when they had the chance they began to talk. He showed her some fireworks from his hand, he sang to her, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him, and from there on their friendship blossomed.

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Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus Are the Perfect Jedi, Here’s Why

I’ve been wanting to do a post highlighting Kanan Jarrus and why I think he’s the perfect Jedi but then I watched The Clone Wars the other day and I realized that he and Ahsoka are both fine examples of the perfect Jedi. And it is two distinct scenes that I think of to prove this point.

SPOILERS FOR The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels AHEAD!

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‘Marnie’: The First Alfred Hitchcock Movie to Make Me Cry

As a homage to Sean Connery who passed at the age of 90 just last week the next Alfred Hitchcock movie I decided to watch was Marnie, a film starring him and Tippi Hedren in a romantic mystery that, despite not having the high-octane action of North by Northwest or the nail-biting suspense as Rope, manages to keep you on your toes in a different way.

Sean Connery plays the role of the dashing (and rather gentlemanly, all things considered) businessman Mark Rutland who unexpectedly falls in love with a kleptomaniac (Tippi Hedren’s Marnie.) She tries to steal from his company, he finds her, and instead of turning her over to the police, he marries her and tries to help her due to her mentally challenged behavior.

What takes place is a two hour long film that asks the question and leaves you asking the question, “What is wrong with her?” She’s frightened by the color red, she hates thunder and lightning, and despite sharing a couple of onscreen kisses with Connery’s Rutland and getting married the thought of performing any, you know, marital acts leaves her screaming and deathly afraid.

It’s all very strange and as the tension builds so does the suspense until the film reached its resounding conclusion which actually brought me to tears, can you believe that? I didn’t think I’d find myself actually getting emotional over Hitchcock’s movies but this one…this one got me.

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Will Loki Finally Get Multiple Romantic Subplots?

When you think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s easy to immediately think of the likes of Iron Man or Captain America, two characters who have been in this franchise since pretty much the beginning but there’s another character that has been an integral part of the story since 2011’s Thor. That is, of course, the complicated villain/hero Loki.

We’ve had to watch Loki grapple with his true identity, pine for the ability to rule Asgard, try to take over Earth, become a bit of a hero, and pretty much fake his death over and over again until he ran out of luck. However, now he’s returning with his very own Disney+ series and that means for once, the story is going to be about him and solely him.

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A Hilarious Thread That Connects These Three Characters

My sister and I have been reacquainting ourselves with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and we realized something rather hilarious. Every guy that Elizabeth Swann has ever kissed…DIES!

Jack Sparrow was the first to die after kissing Swann in an oopsy-daisy passionate smooch that turned out to be the ultimate swindle, leading to Sparrow’s abrupt departure to Davy Jones’ Locker via the gut of the Kraken.

Then Norrington, the man who wanted Elizabeth to be his wife in the first Pirates movie, ended up having to save Swann from Davy Jones’ clutches. In doing so, he gives Elizabeth a goodbye kiss and a moment later gets run through by a sword wielded by Will’s own father, which is a bit ironic. Lol.

And then last but definitely not least, there is Will who, after finally getting married to Elizabeth in the middle of a raging battle and sharing a passionate kiss in a rainstorm.

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