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The Chosen One: Chapter Sixteen

Ben’s Fear

Ben Solo was in Snoke’s throne room, bowing before the gnarled Supreme Leader with his head bowed.

“You have done well, my apprentice,” Snoke spoke, his booming voice rolling over Ben like a cloak of shadow.

Ben thanked Snoke but his mind was questioning what he was thanking Snoke for. Until he heard the doors to the throne room open behind him and the several pairs of heavy footsteps traipsing in. He stood, turning to see who had entered the premises, and found none other than his Knights of Ren holding Rey between them. They threw her bloodied and battered body to the floor. Ben’s eyes widened.

Rey was still alive, but barely.

“Now, heir of Lord Vader, end her miserable life. Only then will you truly be a master of the Dark Side.”

Ben’s lightsaber ignited and he stepped forward, nearing Rey. She looked up at him, her face swollen and bruised.

“Ben?” she uttered weakly.

His arm rose and fell downward.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Eleven

Conversation Among Friends

Joy. It was a feeling Ben Solo hadn’t felt in a long time. But as he leaned against a column watching Leia, Luke, and Lando reminisce about their past adventures with Rey and the heroes of the Resistance he actually found himself feeling happy.

He stood in a grand sitting room filled with white chairs, a perfectly polished white floor, red tables were spread throughout the area to give the space personality, the walls were lined with white columns, and on the far wall sat a massive, fifty-foot-tall window that allowed the beautiful light of the gorgeous sunset to paint the room in an unforgettable brilliance.

Everyone had dressed accordingly for the get-together, discarding their clothes fit for adventure and choosing to wear elegant robes and gowns or casual wear. Even Ben had adopted the idea of dressing leisurely, choosing not to wear his cloak and changing into a more comfortable black tunic with a V-neck and low collar.

His gaze kept falling upon Rey as she sat with her friends. Her hair was no longer tied back into a braid but was instead hanging loosely, falling to her shoulders. She wore a long-sleeved brown tunic lined with white, brown leggings, and her usual brown boots. He couldn’t help but think she was beautiful.

Rey’s eyes touched his for a moment and the two shared a smile before she averted her gaze. His smile lingered. And then, he heard his name called. He snapped to attention and found everyone looking toward him.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Five

A Surprise Gift

Nighttime had arrived on Maris Sutorn, casting the planet in an otherworldly grandeur, for most of the plants inhabiting the planet glowed in the dark. While the Maris Sutornians were able to enjoy the luminescent plant life through the various cities and villages located on the planet the rebels hidden away in the Stache were sleeping restfully in preparation for the next day.

There were a few members of the secret rebellion who weren’t able to get any sleep. One of those rebels being Finn. He found himself wandering through the halls of the secret base just to pass time. The pressures of the rebellion he was expected to lead tomorrow were getting to him and he was honestly worried.

What if he failed? What if Rey was right? What if his ambitions were too great? Would he, this time tomorrow be locked away in preparation for his return to the First Order? Or worse; would he be dead by tomorrow night?

All of these worrying thoughts continued circulating through his mind, causing him to pace back and forth through the halls of the base.

He eventually stopped, placing his hand into his pocket where he pulled out a ring. It wasn’t anything special. Just a simple wooden band engraved with Aurebesh that translated into the words: Friendship.

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My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Thirty-Eight

Under the Stars

Poe was tired. After spending hours making plans for the First Order’s imminent assault he was ready to finally retire to a nice, soft bed. As he walked through the gorgeous halls of the Warden’s castle he slightly wished he wasn’t so exhausted. Then he would be able to explore the city, for it was a beautiful place.

There was one hall with a window that overlooked a section of the city surrounding a pristine looking pond. He stopped to take a peek at the world outside. The buildings made of stone structures were adorned in beautiful jewels that glimmered from the light of the lanterns lining the stone streets. Inhabitants of the city walked up and down the roads as if there was not a worry in the world.

Poe’s shoulders rose and fell. He missed the days when he could walk about unworried about the events of the galaxy. Maybe one day, that would be a reality.

He sighed, about to move away from the window, when he heard Admiral Sterk call his name from behind.

His shoulders tensed. He knew the time would eventually come when he would have to face Sterk’s wrath. He turned around. Admiral Sterk was approaching him slowly, her hands clasped behind her back.

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