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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Taking a Stand

Leia stood in the Resistance headquarters gazing at the sky where the First Order’s presence loomed like a terrible evil that she had gotten far too used to. Red lasers streamed toward the planet but were halted as they hit the planetwide shield.

Behind her, the doors flew open and she heard the unmistakable running of footsteps.

“General Organa,” she heard Finn say. “The First Order is here.”

“What are we going to do?” came Rose next.

Luke, who stood beside her, glanced at her. He and Leia locked eyes and when he saw her expression he smiled.

“We take a stand,” Leia said as she turned around. “Too long have we fled whenever the First Order arrives. Today, we fight back.”

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Seven

Ships in the Sky

Failure. Defeat. Embarrassment. That’s what the First Order had endured at the hands of the Resistance. And Supreme Leader Phasma was determined to change that narrative.

So many eyes were turned to her. Awaiting her leadership with a scrutinizing gaze. She boasted power. The chance to destroy the Resistance once and for all. What if she failed? Then, she would become like every other leader of the First Order; weak and foolish.

She punched the wall beside her, her chrome armored glove forcing a tiny dent in the wall.

No. She would not fail. The Resistance would know defeat. And she would be victorious.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Eighteen

An Unexpected Departure

It was the wee hours before dawn would arrive but Rey was wide awake. She couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard she tried. The prospect of a great evil more powerful than Snoke out there in the galaxy was haunting and not allowing her a moment’s rest. She sat up, pulling her knees to her chest. She looked to her right where Ben lay fast asleep, his broad chest heaving up and down intermittently. A small smile touched her lips.

After leaving Maz Kanata instead of retiring to their individual quarters Ben had decided to come with sleep with her. They felt the most comfortable sleeping in each other’s presence and sure enough, neither one of them were haunted by the nightmares that had been inflicting him before.

She bent down and kissed his nose. His eyes opened drearily.

“It’s time, isn’t it?” he asked.

“I believe so.” She looked toward the window where the sky’s dark blue was slightly giving way to a lighter color. “The Force is telling me that it’s time to leave. The more time we waste the more chance something terrible could happen.”

Ben placed a hand on her back. “We will leave soon but for now,” his hand eased its way down her back, “rest. You may wish you had in the coming days.”

She nodded, understanding his words of wisdom, and laid beside him, placing her hand on his chest and looking into his eyes. Neither one of them had to say anything. They could simply sense each other’s emotions as they held one another in a warm embrace.

Ben leaned toward her and kissed her softly before whispering, “Sleep.”

And that’s what Rey did. She closed her eyes, soaked in his warmth, and slept.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Six

The Revolution

The next day came faster than Rose wanted and when she woke she found herself alone in her room, the covers perfectly covering her. She smiled to herself, for she knew Finn had placed them on her.

She drearily sat up, rubbing her eyes. She immediately grabbed a dark band and loosely tied her hair back, letting stray tufts of hair hanging to the sides of her face. She then put on her Resistance jacket, grabbed her blaster, and left the room.

Through the cavern, she walked until she heard the unmistakable noise of a gathering. It wasn’t soon before she found Finn standing with Ava, a tall dark-skinned woman with long locks held back in a ponytail by a wooden band, and a red-haired man clad in stormtrooper armor.

When Rose saw the stormtrooper her hand instinctively drifted to the blaster at her before she remembered that this soldier of the First Order was on her side. It was still a bit hard getting used to but she would have to.

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