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Han Solo, the Young Buck

Solo will, of course, focus on Han Solo and his life as a young scoundrel in a galaxy teeming with criminal masterminds and opportunists and that’s somewhat exciting. I didn’t realize how much of an impact Han Solo had on me as a child until he was killed in The Force Awakens. I cried like a baby. In fact, it was one of the saddest moments I have ever seen in a movie. I was positively devastated. At that point I realized how much I actually cared for this character and how much boundless joy he has brought me over the years. When Disney announced they were making a young Solo film I was, and still am, skeptical. Who could possibly reprise the iconic role that Harrison Ford truly made his own? Disney elected Alden Ehrenreich for the near-impossible job and I’m honestly interested in how he makes his own spin on the character.


He’s somewhat charming which is an important aspect to be able to check off the list. Harrison Ford got Han’s charm got down to a pat. His roguish charm is what got him Leia’s affection and love for example. I’m hoping to see that same level of likability from Ehrenreich.

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Lando, a Charming Scoundrel

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my excitement for Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story and that excitement hasn’t dwindled in the slightest. And to hear all of the great feedback that has been given to Donald Glover’s portrayal of the character I couldn’t be more pumped to see him in this film.


Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian has always been a great character but he’s never been one of my favorites. He’s charismatic and charming in a way that I felt only Williams could conjure and the thought of another actor taking that beloved Star Wars character and molding it to his own seemed just as impossible as Alden Ehrenreich taking the mantle of Han Solo. When they announced Donald Glover was cast to play Lando I could only wait patiently and hope he would bring the level of swagger needed to really convince me he would be a great Lando. Um…he did! I haven’t even watched the film yet and I’m already LOVING this new Lando. So much in fact that when I think of Lando I think of Donald Glover’s rendition first rather than Billy Dee Williams’ version of the character. That is exactly the response I wanted to have.


Lando, like I said before, is a great character but unlike Han, Luke, and Leia his story hasn’t been fleshed out as much as theirs. He had a small but prominent role in both The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi and he’s the only major character from the original trilogy that hasn’t made an appearance in this current trilogy so far. So the fact that this movie is going to provide us more content for the character and content that highlights a younger stage in his life is even more awesome.


I’m also excited just to see what part he exactly plays in this movie. I know at some point in the film he will befriend Han because that’s a no-brainer but I’m also interested in seeing how he handles himself in the criminal underworld. Is he one to take orders or give the orders? Is he, at this time in his life, cordial to those around him or surprisingly ruthless? And how will his relationship be with Qi’Ra, considering that he’s the galaxy’s biggest womanizer? And will we get to see him (hopefully) pilot the Millennium Falcon before Han ultimately takes it from him? These are the questions I can’t wait to be answered and thankfully I only have a little while until they will be.

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Val, the Level-Headed Sharpshooter

When I heard Thandie Newton was joining the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story I was super interested in seeing who her character would end up being. Would she be an Imperial villain or an awesome smuggler? Well, she’s the latter and I couldn’t be more excited to see her character in the film.


Throughout the movie’s marketing they have been keeping her character highly under wraps and I don’t know if that means she’ll have a smaller part than expected or she is so awesome LucasFilm wants to keep her role secret so we can truly enjoy her to the fullest once we see her in theaters.

I couldn’t be more excited to see her. While there have been major black male characters throughout the various trilogies and the previous Star Wars story there haven’t been any black women to take a front row seat in the franchise, besides Lupita N’Yongo’s Maz Kanata, but she doesn’t count because she plays a CGI-created alien. Disney has really turned Star Wars around and has made it an inclusive franchise and I honestly couldn’t be happier. To see incredibly awesome characters that look like me is part of the reason why these new Star Wars movies have become so great.

I already know Val will probably, after this film, be one of my favorite new female characters in Star Wars because of her mysteriousness and she’s one of the reasons why I’m excitedly waiting for Solo next week.

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Is it Bad That I’m More Excited To See Lando In ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Than Han Solo?

When I heard that Disney was going to make a Star Wars story about a young Han Solo I was skeptical but also a tad excited as well. And then when they announced that a younger Lando would also make an appearance in this film I was definitely worried. Who could possibly replace Billy Dee Williams as the cool, smooth talking smuggler, Lando Calrissean? Well, I am no longer worried because Donald Glover has taken the character of Lando to the next level! Ever since I saw his version of the suave smuggler in the first teaser I knew I was going to like this new Lando a LOT but after this latest trailer it’s pretty much confirmed that he’s going to be the coolest character in the movie. But isn’t that bad? The last time I checked this movie was called Solo: A Star Wars Story, not Lando, the Coolest Dude in the Galaxy: A Star Wars Story and that’s terrible because I feel like the only reason why I’m excited to see this movie is because of Lando, not the main character.


I mean, he’s got himself one of the coolest droids I’ve ever seen in L3-37, he’s the rightful owner of a rather clean and pristine Millennium Falcon which is really cool, he’s got the finest outfit of the bunch, even Qi’Ra, and he’s just downright really awesome looking.


I think another reason why I’m so excited to see Lando in this movie is because he was such a small character in the original trilogy and yet he was so intriguing. I’ve always wanted to know a little more about him but until now that wasn’t possible, from a movie standpoint anyway. With this film I’ll finally get a crash course on who Lando was before we find him as the governor of the Cloud City and I’m SO excited!

Now, I don’t know how heavy his involvement in this movie will be and that’s saddening because I’m really digging this character WAY more than Han Solo. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe Disney will see all of the positivity surrounding this new Lando and give him his own standalone film asap because he totally deserves one already. Whatever the case, I’m just hoping he’ll remain in the movie for at least an hour of the film’s time because that will make me very happy. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.


The Directors of the Han Solo Film Have Been Fired, Here’s Why That’s Good

I’ve been skeptical about the untitled Young Han Solo film since it was first announced. Now I’m totally confident in the direction Kathleen Kennedy and co. want to take these films. Especially after the groundbreaking Rogue One which shocked and wowed audiences around the world. It was so good that it edged out Empire Strikes Back to become my favorite Star Wars film. And it’s one of the few movies brave enough to kill off all of its characters, and mind you this is Disney being this heartless. Now with The Last Jedi coming out this December I’m beyond excited for the next installment into this brand new trilogy. This Han Solo movie, however, which is planned to come out in theaters next May has never gotten me really excited.


First of all the actor, they chose to play the iconic smuggler doesn’t exactly look like Harrison Ford. His face is just a little too square and that’s already a problem. And now, due to some disagreeing between the directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and the producer, Kathleen Kennedy, and the writer, Lawrence Kasdan, the directors have been fired. Now at first, I was stunned. The movie is in the middle of filming and now the directors with the vision of the film have been fired! Why would this happen?

After finding out they were fired because they weren’t given the freedom to make the movie they wanted I was pleased. Yes, they made highly appraised films such as 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie but this is Star Wars. And not only is it Star Wars but it’s a movie about Han Solo. Han Solo has already been killed off in the most brutal fashion. The last thing LucasFilm needs to do is make the movie about him anywhere close to the quality of the prequels. It would be very bad for LucasFilm and very bad for their anthology films going forward. And the last person you’re supposed to disagree with when it comes to the creative vision of a Star Wars film is Lawrence Kasdan who actually wrote The Empire Strikes Back. So I’m happy the directors were fired.

The bad thing about this new development, however, is it refreshes my skepticism about this film. I hope it’s good, I really do but I just have a bad feeling about this (see what I did there.) Han Solo is too precious of a character to tamper with and I know LucasFilm realizes this. Until I see the first teaser I’m not going to be too excited for this film just yet. Hopefully, this new change will help the movie and not hurt it.