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The Tragic Reason Why the Multiverse May Be In ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Two days ago we got the official teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home and unsurprisingly, it garnered the most views for any trailer in 24 hours with 355.5 million views. That’s 60 million more than the views Avengers: Endgame trailer got in 24 hours and that used to hold the record.

The trailer teased a lot of interesting things but one thing that is very clear is that it will include the multiverse. And have a theory why. Hold on to your butts. I’m about to go dark.


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Ranking the ‘Spider-Man’ Movies I’ve Seen So Far

It’s Spider-Man Day and I thought it would be fun to rank the Spider-Man films I’ve seen today. This includes even Venom. Enjoy!

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

How Spider-Man Got His 'Amazing' New Costume - MTV

I remember going to see this in theaters seven years ago. I didn’t like it that much. Electro was terrible and the film is ultimately rather forgettable, other than the shocking fact that *SPOILER ALERT* dies at the end of the movie which I definitely did NOT see coming.

Could there have been a third movie? Yes, but then we wouldn’t have gotten Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy so I’m happy with the way things turned out.

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What I Hope To See in a ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer

Since the trailer for Eternals has come out fans have been clamoring for the first official teaser of Spider-Man: No Way Home and while I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting the teaser (then again, maybe we will) there is a chance we’ll see it sometime this month ahead of the premiere of Black Widow. So, until then, here are some things I really want to see in the teaser.

My Favorite Marvel Superhero, Doctor Strange!

There were rumors that we’d be getting Doctor Strange as the new mentor-type character in this third Spider-Man installment and I want to know if that’s true or not. Of course, he may simply be in a post-credits scene but I would love it if he does play a sizable role in the actual film. Especially considering how much fun it was to see them interact in Infinity War.

A New and Improved Look for Foxx’s Electro

Amazing Spider-Man 2' Composer Hans Zimmer Asked Pharrell To 'Write An  Opera' For Electro - MTV

Jamie Foxx is a great actor and yet he was turned into what I feel is the worst adaptation of a comic book villain ever in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. His design was atrocious and it distracted from his part in the story. I hope to see his return in the teaser with an updated design that isn’t so aesthestically displeasing.

Considering that this will be nothing more than a teaser I don’t know what else to expect. Apparently Alfred Molina is returning to reprise his role as Doctor Octopus so we should see what happens with that but besides that tidbit of information I am very much in the dark about this movie and I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be about.

What do you want to see in the teaser? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

I Can’t Stop Talking About ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

Lately I’ve been very into Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse again since it started coming on FX and since I’ve seen it three times in the past two weeks or so I figured I might as well revisit this post which perfectly sums up my adoration of this movie which has now become my favorite animated film of all time! Enjoy.

The trick to Into the Spider-Verse isn’t the story, the story is actually rather basic, nor is it the music (which is pretty great by the way.) There’s something else to this film that has me going back for more and that is the absolutely stunning animation.


The movie melds at least a half dozen genres in one movie and it is mind-blowing. From being uncannily realistic looking at times to appearing like a strip right out of a comic book and even having the cartoony look of a Looney Tunes cartoon mixed with manga animation plus some truly psychedelic visuals can leave one’s brain scrambled in sheer awe. Continue reading I Can’t Stop Talking About ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

‘Spider-Man 3’ Has a Title!

I have loved the two previous Spider-Man films and I’m ridiculously excited for the third movie.

I’ve honestly been pumped to see this film since that jaw-dropping mid-credits scene but once Benedict Cumberbatch was connected to the movie I have become feverishly excited for the upcoming movie (because Doctor Strange is my absolute favorite!!!)

Yesterday we finally were offered the title of the movie: Spider-Man: No Way Home. This sounds very intriguing because it gives the impression that Peter Parker may be on the run. And if the Sinister Six are going to be a part of this he’ll definitely be in plenty of trouble.

The other bit of news we were given is that Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming out this Christmas. Talk about an awesome Christmas activity!

Ooh, I’m excited and I cannot wait to see what this movie is about.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

Throwback Friday: I Want to See Doctor Octopus in ‘Spider-Man 3’

Before Tom Holland’s rendition of the iconic Spider-Man, I was never a fan of the character. The villains, however, that’s another story.

From Green Goblin to Kingpin to Doctor Octopus and Venom, Spider-Man has some of the greatest comic book villains of all time. I’ve just recently been introduced to The Vulture and Mysterio thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far from Home as well as The Prowler and Scorpion due to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and they are just as fascinating.

Spider-Man 3 will have to deliver an even greater villain (or villains) for Peter Parker to have to face and one antagonist I want to see on the big screen is Doctor Octopus.


Ever since I was a kid watching the old Spider-Man cartoon Doctor Octopus has been one of my favorite villains of all time. It would simply be wish fulfillment to see this character on the big screen, in IMAX, played by some fantastic actor who’ll bring Doc Ock to life in a way I’d never thought I’d see. Continue reading Throwback Friday: I Want to See Doctor Octopus in ‘Spider-Man 3’