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I’m Scared to See What Happens in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

The Rise of Skywalker. It’s all someone like me, a Star Wars fan, can think about these days. Why? Well, one, it’s the finale to the nine-film Skywalker saga. Two, it’s a new Star Wars movie. And three, what else is there to think about when it comes to Star Wars–besides The MandalorianThe Clone WarsStar Wars: ResistanceStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order–okay, there’s a lot to think about but The Rise of Skywalker definitely sits at #1 on the most-interested-about list as of this moment.
An image from the set of The Rise of Skywalker.

I’m proud to say I finally own the latest issue of Vanity Fair (through the will of the Force I got the Kylo Ren version) featuring the stirring behind-the-scenes article of The Rise of Skywalker and as I read it I couldn’t help feeling a sense of extreme joy and immense worry at the same time.

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The Chosen One Has Ended But the Next Chapter Is On the Way

All fifty chapters of My Version of Episode IX: The Chosen One have been written and I’m sure you’re wondering…what’s next? When I started this story I was expecting this to be the finale but as the story evolved I realized I wasn’t going to be able to cram a resounding ending to this story in Episode IX.

So, this fall I will be bringing to you the true finale to this story; Episode X. But, do not fret, there will be plenty of fan fiction on the way.

First, I’ve been always been fascinated with the time span stretching between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War and what the Avenger fugitives were doing during that time. So, naturally, I decided to write some fun fan fiction recounting their adventures in those years. I’m calling it Captain America: Secret War.

And, that’s not all. After watching Solo: A Star Wars Story a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided to continue Qi’ra’s story myself with my fan fiction I’m calling Qira: A Star Wars Story. It will, of course, focus on her storyline after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story so yes, there will be more Darth Maul, more Enfys Nest, and so much more.

I can’t wait for you to read these stories in the near future. Episode X, like I said before, will return this fall. Then you will be able to discover the conclusion to Ora, Ben, Rey, and the other characters’ stories in an action-packed, drama-ridden, emotional conclusion to the Skywalker saga.

I thank you for reading and enjoying all fifty chapters of The Chosen One and I’m very excited to bring the first chapter Captain America: Secret War your way within the month. Have a beautiful day.

The Chosen One: Chapter Fifty


Bare feet walked across a snowy tundra, killing everything the feet touched, leaving behind a trail of death in the individual’s wake. Gusts of cold wind blew the person’s cloak about them as they walked across the plains that they had created from the very ocean that used to occupy the entire planet.

She looked up at the sky, her eyes unblinking as snowflakes twirled down upon her in a slow descent. Her face was calm but her blood was boiling with anger.

“You think you can defeat me? You think you can destroy what I have worked so hard to create? No. I will not lose to you. I will never fade away. The dark side is more powerful than anything and I will quench the rebellious spirits in anyone after I am finished destroying all of you!”

She knelt, placing her hand against the icy ground. Everything began to rumble, the wind’s speed increased, and her eyes closed. She could feel the midichlorians around her closing in and twisting around in response to her direction. She bent the midichlorians’ will, making it her own, and began to create life. But unlike others who copied her genius by trying to make a life of their own or influencing the midichlorians to become immortal, she could make life in any way, shape, or form that she dreamed of.

“My child,” she whispered.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Forty-Nine

The Well

Ora didn’t know where she was going and the diminutive orange lady named Maz Kanata wouldn’t tell her. She could only sit in the passenger seat of the small silver and orange craft hoping she wasn’t being taken to The Whisper.

Nervous butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she imagined walking toward a fortress, her purple lightsaber ignited and her destiny, good or bad, awaiting her. Was this to be her fate? A secret execution.

Ora could not stop thinking of her mother’s face as they had been forced to part ways. Rey had tried to put on a brave face but she seemed mortified. What did she know that Ora didn’t and what would make her so scared? Even her father had regarded with a silent farewell as if he may never see her again.

‘What is going on?’ she wanted to scream to the universe but she refrained from doing so, as it would most likely make her look insane.

She looked over at Maz who was piloting the vessel. “Um, where are we going again?”

“An ancient world. A place strong with the Force,” Maz looked at her with those all-knowing beady black eyes, “the light and the dark.”

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The Chosen One: Chapter Forty-Eight

Rebuilding a Rebellion

Ben Solo wasn’t afraid often but he feared for Ora. Maz Kanata was taking her somewhere. Somewhere that she wouldn’t tell him or Rey. Ora seemed excited but Ben knew better. The Force was a challenging power to master. Things could go horribly wrong. She could even be tempted by the dark side. Not being able to guide her on this journey was nervewracking but he trusted Maz Kanata.

That’s why as he sat in the cockpit of his ship as it hurtled through hyperspace he was doing the best he could to not think about her. To not fret when there was probably no reason to. Rey could sense his anxiety and turned to look at him.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” she told him.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Forty-Seven

Finding Maz Kanata

Ora’s eyes were closed as she napped in the cockpit of her father’s ship. And then she felt the patented lurch of zooming out of hyperspace. Her eyes opened and she found herself looking at a massive ship hovering in space. The ship was extraordinary, lined with decks encapsulated in glass barriers to protect the individuals and bedazzled in colorful lights that sent the vessel into a dazzling spectacle.

“What is that?” Ora asked, standing and leaning forward to gawk at the incredible structure.

“It’s a cruise,” Ben began. “These luxury vessels started popping up after HER rule, giving joy to the worst scum in the galaxy.”

They flew around the cruise that floated by like a slow-moving beast, revealing two gigantic asteroids that were tethered by bridges covered in lights. Atop the asteroids sat two dazzling cities twinkling with golden lights. It was Badaran City.

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