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The Reason Why Finn’s Story Lost Steam in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

I just finished watching The Last Jedi a couple of hours ago after having dragged myself through The Rise of Skywalker yesterday and the contrast between the two films is drastic! I’m talking absolute night and day. The Rise of Skywalker feels like an absolute abomination to the franchise as it tears the characters and saga limb from limb while The Last Jedi manages to feel fresh, new, and ultimately, quite satisfying. No, The Last Jedi isn’t perfect but it does have its moments.

As I watched The Last Jedi I noticed the main reason why Finn feels so starkly different in The Rise of Skywalker. In fact, it’s very clear.

Why was Finn such a compelling character in The Force Awakens? Because he was a stormtrooper. It was that simple fact that made him one of the most enduring and unique characters in the franchise. I loved Finn’s story and I was excited to see his arc in the Sequel trilogy.

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A ‘Star Wars’ Double-Header and Why ‘The Last Jedi’ Is a Must-Watch

I did something the other night I didn’t think I’d ever do again. I watched The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker in one night. And get this. I watched them back to back.

After being inspired to watch the Sequel Trilogy again after personally boycotting it for roughly half a year (that’s a long time for a diehard Star Wars fan like myself) I decided to bust out and watch The Force Awakens suddenly. As I watched the movie that used to be my daily get-away flick I found myself overcome by a sense of joy. Yes, at times I got a little bored (because I’ve seen the movie over a hundred times and that’s not an exaggeration) but overall, I just had fun watching these characters that I loved so much.

When the movie I was so overwhelmed with Sequel Trilogy magic that I decided to do something even more random; go straight to The Rise of Skywalker. Considering that the “final” film in the Skywalker Saga felt like it rescinded so many interesting threads left behind by The Last Jedi I figured it may be interesting to watch the two Abrams movies back to back to see what would happen.

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My Thoughts on the Return of *That* Character

When Ahsoka told Mando that a Jedi would come for Grogu if he called out it was very clear that we would be seeing another Jedi by the end of the season.

The theories ran rampant. People started speculating that Mace Windu might make his long-awaited return, I started freaking out when I began to spectate Cal Kestis’ live-action debut, and so on and so forth. But no, they didn’t do that. They did what made the most sense but we thought was impossible.


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This Is The Coolest Cup Ever!

The Last Jedi wasn’t a perfect Star Wars movie by a long shot but there were some incredible moments in the movie that I really enjoyed and the Praetorian Guards were part of that enjoyment. Ever since I saw the Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guards I have loved these red robed characters and The Last Jedi took that concept to the next level.

It looks just like the Praetorian Guards!

This cup is the most incredible Star Wars cup I have ever seen. I’ve seen stormtrooper cups, Death Star cups, Captain Phasma cups, Kylo Ren cups, etc. but this cup clearly beats them all. The Praetorian Guards are my favorite new additions to the Star Wars universe for so many reasons and this cup accentuates that.


It’s amazing from every angle too.


I obtained this cup before I watched The Last Jedi and after seeing the movie I love it even more now. I think this is going to be the only cup I use for a very long while.

Well, that’s my post for today. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.


Updated: My Ranking of the ‘Star Wars’ Films

The Skywalker Saga has come to an end and who knows when we’ll be getting another Star Wars movie. So, this will be my final ranking for a while now that I have The Rise of Skywalker to add to the collection. So, with no further delay, here goes.

1. Rogue One


This still cannot be topped. Featuring a gritty story that didn’t play by the rules, Rogue One is practically a condensed Star Wars: Rebels spin-off in movie form. It even features Darth Vader in a really exciting way at certain points. Continue reading Updated: My Ranking of the ‘Star Wars’ Films

Throwback Friday: Rian Johnson: Is He the Next Big Writer in Hollywood or a Glorified So-So Movie Maker?

I have now seen two movies of Rian Johnson’s; Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Knives Out. Both left me feeling the same after each first viewing. A bit intrigued, a bit dissatisfied, but overall eager for more. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.


In the case of The Last Jedi, it took me two viewings to get it and multiple viewings at home following my second viewing in the movie theaters to garner a legitimate appreciation for the film. Why is that? Because Rian Johnson doesn’t tell an overall good story that punches you in the gut with its brilliance. His movies have layers and nuances that you miss until a second viewing, at which case you peel back the facade and witness the true story underneath. That can be hard for most movie watchers and it was downright wrenching for the Star Wars fandom.

Some people love The Last Jedi. Some people hate it. Johnson’s vision is very polarizing and I’ve grown to expect that with his storytelling. Knives Out follows the same pattern.


It’s visually provocative with bold and muted colors blending in your vision as you’re watching a story unfold before your eyes but the story is a bit of a droll at first…until it isn’t. Then you’re left on this rollercoaster ride that won’t stop until it decides to, leaving you a bit exhausted and a bit pleased (or bewildered) at its conclusion.

Honestly, thank goodness Chris Evans was in the movie because he saved the day for me. He brought an element to the story that the film desperately needed (maybe the movie needed a handsome guy to look at, I don’t know!) but it was after his inclusion that the story finally started getting somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc was exceptional in the film from start to finish as he hilariously but effectively pieced together a murder mystery that was a bit too elaborate for its own britches. Ana de Armas’s Marta Cabrera was engaging too but she, however, was a bit on the nerves.


It’s very clear that he directed both Armas and Ridley. I saw a shocking similarity in the way they acted in their films along with Johnson. The gleam of tears in the eyes, the fierce display of vulnerability, as if they’re barely holding on to their sanity by a strand, it seems to be his staple when directing women in movies. Hmm…

So, that leads me to the question of this post; is Rian Johnson the next big writer in Hollywood or a glorified so-so movie maker? I’m going to say a bit of both.

Rian Johnson has good ideas and is a brilliant director but, and that’s a huge BUT, both of his films have left me feeling a bit disinterested, dissatisfied, peeved, you know, negative. I wish I could say that Knives Out was the best murder mystery movie I’ve ever seen but it wasn’t. Not even close.

The best murder mystery I’ve ever seen is The Silence of the Lambs and for good reason. That movie is riveting and TOTALLY HORRIFYING on so many different levels. Knives Out got a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score, yes, but that’s only because it made plenty of political statements laced throughout the film.

I’m giving Knives Out a solid 89 out of 100 and 4 out of 5 stars. It’s not bad but I’m not urging you to watch it either.

Now I’m starting to wonder if I really want to see that Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy or not. Hmm…

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.