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Captain America: Secret War (ONE)

To most, it seemed like a normal day in New York City but to Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter, they knew better. They walked down the city’s busy streets, their eyes locked on the skyscrapers around them as if they were simple tourists, but they were really looking for three HYDRA agents whose next step in a diabolical plan was going to get thousands killed.

They stopped at a crosswalk. “We’re never going to find them,” Sharon said, flicking her dyed black hair over her shoulder agitatedly.

Steve’s narrowed eyes surveyed the windows in the skyscrapers surrounding them. “They’re here. Any moment now they’ll show themselves. They always do.” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (ONE)

Could Steve Rogers Appear in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’?

After revisiting Avengers: Endgame last night and knowing what we could expect in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier later this year, could we see Steve Rogers play a small role in the Disney+ series?

Answer: very easily.

Steve Rogers was a major factor in both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson’s lives. He impacted them in ways that no other person had and we’ll undoubtedly see them trying to carry on his legacy in that six-episode series.

Steve Rogers could play a small but brief role that could be very exciting or he might, on a more somber note, have an impact on the story in the way that Peggy did in Captain America: Civil War. Yeah, he might officially pass.

Talk about tears. That would be very saddening.

All in all, to make the series complete, Steve Rogers has to be in it, if even momentarily.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

Captain America: Secret War (NINE)

Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter were sitting in the hotel room garnering as much information as they could about the terrorists and the potential motives behind their European raid when the door to the room opened. Jumping to their feet with their guns aimed at the door they were prepared to take down the potential intruder but, to their relief, it was only Steve Rogers. They let their guard down and then was instantly surprised as Natasha Romanoff walked into the room shortly afterward. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (NINE)

Captain America: Secret War (SIX)

Natasha Romanoff sat in a bar located in a dark alley in New York City. The hood of her jacket helped cover her face as she downed a shot of vodka. The liquid filled her insides with fire but she didn’t mind. She had gulped down enough vodka shots in her life to be used to the patented sensation. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (SIX)

Captain America: Secret War (FOUR)

New York City was alive and buzzing in the wee hours of the night as taxi cabs constantly honked up and down the streets and people walked to their various destinations.

Using forged IDs and cash provided by Sharon’s only friend at Deputy Task Force, a man named Baker, she, Steve, and Sam were able to get themselves two rooms in a simple boutique within Downtown New York City.

The day had been long and hectic, as expected, and Sharon Carter should’ve been asleep. Instead, she lied awake in bed gazing at the ceiling, the presence of the vacant space beside her growing stronger. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (FOUR)