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The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-THREE)

“We know who he is.”

Harley Quinn’s eyebrow raised. She hadn’t such a quick answer.

While Pamela Isley stewed on the other side of Gotham in frustrated desperation to learn of the mysterious Robin’s identity Harley Quinn had decided to take matters into her own hands by returning to the place in Gotham she liked to call home.

It was called the Burrows; a relatively uninhabited area of the city that was a mess of alleyways and secret nooks located deep in the lower levels of Gotham. It was where she had escaped to after The Joker was brutally murdered. Here, she reclaimed a bit of her sanity as she learned to survive and coincide with the scum that ran the area. They had welcomed her with open arms and she practically became their queen of sorts.

The people that lived here didn’t usually leave their spider-holes, choosing instead to remain in the Burrows and let information from the outside world slip in.

There was one person, a man by the name of Seer, who was the most respected hooligan in the Burrows. He was the sect’s sage, a bringer of good or bad fortune, a harborer of truth and falsehood, and he was the eyes and ears of the area. He knew everyone and could hear anything.

Growing up, he had been seen at a disadvantage because he was blind but his hearing was parallel to none. He heard things others couldn’t. People called him a freak in the real world but down here in the Burrows he was practically a living god.

He was also very stern. He only gave information to those who deserved it or who needed it but Harley believed he always helped her because he simply liked her. She wasn’t surprised. Who wouldn’t like someone as bubbly as her?

“We know who he is,” he had just said as she asked him about Robin’s identity.

Her eyebrow raised. “Really? So who the hell is he?”

“Blake Lively, a former cop of Gotham turned masked vigilante after Batman’s death.”

Her eyes widened. “He’s a freaking cop!”

“Was a cop?” he corrected her. “Now he assumes a secret identity to-”

“Yeah, yeah, I know that part,” she interjected. “So…are there any people he cares about?”

“Why would you need this information?” His sightless gaze, staring off into space, turned to her, his milky-white eyes briefly visible beneath the strands of long black hair that covered his face. “We do not give our secrets if it is to be used for evil.”

She grinned. Seer was a talent in gathering information but he wasn’t a great discerner of liars. It made him a fool and she was great at exploiting fools.

“Of course, not. I consider Robin a friend but I think he’s in trouble. I need to know if there is anyone connected to him that could be used to exploit him.”

The blind sage stayed still for a while as if he was mulling over her words, trying to discern the falsehood. And then finally, he spoke.

“We believe you have good intentions at heart.”

Her grin widened.

“Blake Lively grew up an orphan and it made him a lone wolf. However, lately, there’s been a change. A woman.”

She clasped her hands. This was getting good. “A woman, you say?”

He nodded. “Yes, a woman. We’ve heard things, whisperings off of the wind, this is the first person he actually cares for deeply. We believe he even loves her.”

Harley Quinn could barely handle the suspense. She clasped her hands tightly, her eyes widening. Who is it? Who is it?

“Samantha Lynx, the new Commissioner of Gotham.”

Harley’s jaw dropped. And then suddenly she began to laugh hysterically. Seer sat perfectly still, listening to her mirth with little amusement.

“We fail to understand what is so funny,” he replied.

Harley slapped her leg as she bent over in the hopes of catching her breath. “Robin…and the new Commissioner? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

She couldn’t stop laughing. The thought was too hilarious, but the realization was also too perfect. The Penguin’s forces had already busted into the police depot with ease. It would be even easier to capture the pretty new Commissioner and lure Robin into a trap. It was too perfect of a setup.

Seer sat perfectly still, waiting for her crazed joy to finally subside. When it did he released a long breath.

“We hope that was of help to you,” he said.

She straightened, grabbing her bat from off of the wall where she had placed it before kissing the top of his dirty head.

“You have no idea,” she said before skipping off, singing a song at a terrible pitch.

A smidge of a smile touched his lips. And then his eyes widened.

“Wait!” he yelled but she was already gone.

He had wanted to tell her of something else he had heard. Something he thought he would never hear again. And that was the name of Batman.

Batman had returned.

The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-ONE)

Katherine Kane was finding hero work to be quite tedious. The new mayor, Tom Goldman, was trying to make things better for Gotham but unsurprisingly, things were only getting worse.

She didn’t trust him with that smile he always wore and those fancy suits. Something was off about him and she couldn’t quite place it but she one thing she had learned in life was to trust her gut and her gut was never wrong.

The middle-class to wealthy individuals of Gotham were basking in the hype surrounding the new mayor but the poorer individuals were suffering from the rise of gang activity, burglaries, and miscellaneous crimes. It wasn’t pretty. The lower levels of Gotham were filled with the constant noise of police sirens filling the streets but the criminals didn’t hear the police and scatter. Rather, they welcomed the sound, cheering it on as if it was a call to action.

It was disturbing and Katherine Kane was viewing it all from the shadows. At the head of this criminal uprising was a crime lord named Charles Putton. And yes, his appearance matched his name.

He was a short, fat bald man who always wore a white top hat that had a different flower for every occasion and a stark white suit whose handkerchief changed as well. His ring of followers was called the Aristocrats.

She didn’t know why. Probably because he wanted a fancy name for his gang.

It was the Aristocrats that were part of the growing problem in Gotham’s criminal underworld and she needed to stop it. The only thing was, how could she stop it?

She was one woman against an army. And while she trusted Commissioner Lynx and Robin to have her back in taking on such an enemy they weren’t always reliable, as they had to deal with sometimes greater matters.

So, she was alone, and alone she was helpless to watch as Gotham’s lower levels and society suffered.

All of this was going through her head as she stood in the darkness of night–the cold wind nipping at her exposed skin–before the grave of her family.

They had become victims of the ruthless crime in the city, each dying for no apparent reason other than they refused to join the bad guys’ side. They were strong, fighting to the very end, but that fighting had gotten them nowhere.

More good people like them were getting laid to rest in the ground because the crime never ended. Because the order was never found. And Katherine Kane couldn’t do anything about it.

The realization of this fact hurt, driving Katherine to her knees as she thought of her brother dying in her arms. Her fists quivered with rage as she wept, the anger that she tried to bury away revealing itself once more.

In her moment of weakness, she didn’t hear the approaching footsteps until the snow crunched softly directly behind her. Her trembling body immediately tensed and she whirled, throwing her fist at whoever was stupid enough to get this close to her at such a time.

Her would-be assailant grabbed her wrist in midair, squeezing so tightly that she could do nothing but gasp. The “attacker” was a middle-aged man in an expensive black trenchcoat, revealing his wealth. His dark hair was streaked with grey and he wore an untrimmed beard. Out of the darkness, a woman approached.

She was lean and very beautiful, her brown hair tied in a ponytail behind her. Like him, she was also dressed in a rather expensive-looking black trenchcoat over what seemed to be a black dress that stopped at her knees, revealing her long legs covered in sheer stockings. She wore black heels.

Katherine eyes the two warily, expecting this to be her last few moments.

“We’re not trying to hurt you,” the man said.

“Yeah, if we wanted to you’d already be toast,” the woman announced blatantly.

Katherine’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who are you?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to attack.”

Katherine eyed both of them suspiciously for a second longer before dipping her head curtly. The man let go of her wrist and she gasped in response, rubbing her arm where his fingers had just been.

“Okay, I’m going to ask again. Who are you?”

The man looked back at the woman who nodded in approval before turning his attention back to Katherine Kane.

“I’m Bruce Wayne.”

The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY)

The Penguin stood at the window of the tallest building in Gotham, the building that was the base of operations of the political leaders of the city. He stood in the former mayor’s office, his hands clasped behind his back as he stared out the window at the city that was now his.

A storm was coming. He could feel it. And it was going to be beautiful.




The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-EIGHT)

Frustration. It was becoming something Pamela Isley was growing too used to feeling. The Penguin was basking in his role as Mayor, delivering “joy” to the millions of Gothamites all while secretly amassing a sprawl of crooked judges that would turn the city into a haven for criminals, rich and poor.

Pamela, however, was busy trying to discover Robin’s true identity. She had briefly seen him without his mask but seeing someone’s face didn’t mean their name was written on their forehead. And whoever Robin really was, he had taken great precautions to keep his true identity a secret. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-EIGHT)

The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-THREE)

Pamela Isley knew that getting rid of Robin was her highest priority. But how could she get rid of him? How could she lure him out of his secrecy to fall into yet another trap? Next time it wouldn’t be easy to kill him. He would be ready. But so would she.

She sat in the limo, his unmasked face from the former evening in her mind. There was something familiar about him. Like she’d seen him before. She knew, if she discovered the truth of his real identity, she would be able to find a way to destroy him.

She sighed, resting back in her seat as she looked out of the window at a gloomy Gotham in the night. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-THREE)