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‘The Lord of the Rings’ Is the Best Movie Ever Made!

It’s official. After watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring last night in IMAX there is no longer any doubt. This movie is the best ever made and nothing comes close.

I’ve seen incredible movies like Interstellar, Inception, Gladiator, Avengers: Infinity War, and so many more, but there’s nothing, I mean absolutely nothing as incredible as the trilogy that shaped my childhood and is still wowing me to this day.

I don’t know how Peter Jackson managed to take a book as fantastically epic and magical as The Lord of the Rings and adapted it into three films that are beyond the word exceptional. Every detail in these movies are considered, from the clothes to the script to the world that surrounds this adventure and the characters that encompass it. Watching The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday in IMAX was one of the greatest things I have ever been lucky enough to experience.

I’ve watched these movies over and over again and yet they still never seem to get old and this film in IMAX was like a completely different movie.

Now, in terms of the 4K, I didn’t really see that much of a difference. The color saturation was a bit altered and the intense blue of Frodo’s eyes was like, “Whoa!” but besides that, there wasn’t that much of a world-changing difference. But the sound! Oh my lord of the rings, the sound was insane!!!!

I knew I was in for a treat as soon as the opening sequence with Sauron played out. The noise, the sheer epicness of that battle, Sauron’s defeat, it was just jaw-dropping.

If I was to tell you every single section of this movie that blew my mind in detail I a would be writing the largest post I’ve ever written but I’ll leave it at this. It was an experience I will never forget and yeah, my family and I are determined to see the next two movies because it was that fantastic!

Honestly, if there is ever a movie better than The Lord of the Rings it’s going to have to be truly astounding in every sense of the word.

Okay, I’m rambling. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

I’m Watching ‘The Lord of the Rings’ In IMAX Tomorrow!

Yes. You read that title right. It’s The Lord of the Rings’ 20th anniversary this year and AMC is celebrating this fact with first time showings of the movies in freaking IMAX. I’ve been waiting like a predator ready to pounce for the announcement of these fantastic movies being brought back to the big screen and now that it’s happening we’re going to go see it!

I couldn’t possibly be more excited right now. I have watched The Fellowship of the Ring (and this is no exaggeration) over 300 times in my life and yet it still never seems to get old. The magic of this movie is insane and now that I get the chance to experience what is pretty much my favorite movie of all time on the big screen…in IMAX is like something out of a dream come true.

If you’re interested in seeing The Lord of the Rings in IMAX too the first one is playing this week I think until Friday and then the next two have showtimes starting this Friday. *squeal* Gosh, I can’t to wait to see the Balrog sequence in IMAX. Woo!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

Here’s a Small Detail That Is Often Overlooked in ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Dogs. Yes, I said it. Dogs.

Middle-Earth is full of fantastic creatures, frightening monsters, ethereal beings, and awe-inducing worlds, so it’s easy to forget that the fictional world crafted by J.R.R Tolkien is so detailed that even man’s best friend gets a moment to shine in the film.

Last night while watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring I was watching a scene I have seen literally hundreds of times (the Nazgul rider approaching the Hobbit working outside of his home on a peaceful evening) when I distinctly noticed the dog that was highlighted in the scene.


I was kind of blown away. Whoa, The Lord of the Rings has everything. Even dogs. It was such a striking observation that I felt obliged to share it with you today. Lol.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an incredible day.

Ranking 50 of the Top 250 Movies on IMDb: Part 5

The last part of this series has arrived and now the final countdown to my favorite movie of the Top 250 Films on IMDb begins. Enjoy!

9. Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Terminator 2: Judgment Day is one of those intense action films that you watch and by the end of the movie you’ve got a slight headache because the movie was so intensely good. The Terminator was a great film but James Cameron returned with a whammy of a sequel that left everyone, including me and my sister, stunned.

This movie is off the chain!

8. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


The Empire Strikes Back isn’t my favorite Star Wars film (that spot still belongs to Rogue One) but it is, in essence, the greatest Star Wars movie ever made. A New Hope was regarded as a masterpiece but then George Lucas returned with a sequel so magnificent it blew the socks off of nearly everyone who saw it.

Now years later, it’s still looked to as the pinnacle of sequels and it should. This movie is amazing, from beginning to end.

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