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The Mandalorian

In case you forgot how awesome this trailer is, enjoy. 😁


All Disney+ Original Series’ Episodes Will Arrive On a Weekly Basis

There is a lot of original series coming to Disney+ this November but unlike Netflix, who releases a season’s episodes all at once, Disney+ will release their original series’ episodes weekly. And that actually makes sense.

Disney+ will surely give people a chance to get the streaming service with a 7-day free trial, and if they had series that would give you all of the season’s episodes in one bang people could take advantage of the free trial, binge watch whatever they need in that week, and not ever have to pay for the streaming service, which would lose Disney millions of dollars.

Making the series’ episodes arrive weekly forces people to buy a subscription so we can stay on top of shows like The Mandalorian or The Clone Wars in February or the exciting new Marvel series coming next year.

Whatever the case, I’m excited to see these shows and eventually binge watch Star Wars Rebels on the streaming service.

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‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer Promises a Gritty Experience

The Mandalorian is getting more and more awesome looking by the second. With the trailer dropping last night we were given our first opportunity to see the live-action Star Wars series in motion and boy, was it way better than I expected.

I have always wanted to see the story of a bounty hunter brought to life in a live-action setting and while this won’t be viewable on the big screen it’s destined to entertain in so many ways.


As a Star Wars fan, it’s always nice to see new planets and strange worlds that we’ll get the chance to explore and like Rogue One it seems The Mandalorian is going to deliver worlds just as fascinating. Continue reading ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer Promises a Gritty Experience

Recapping the Disney+ Panel From D23 Expo

The Disney+ panel revealed some exciting news for its streaming service last night and I’m here to share all of the festivities. Enjoy!

A New High School Musical Series

The hit Disney film of the last decade that had everybody talking was the Emmy-winning High School Musical. Even as someone who wasn’t a fan there was no denying that the musical wormed its way into my life and now, fans of the musical will surely jump out of their seats to see that a new series is coming to life exclusively for Disney+.

Get ready to dance and sing along with more songs and enjoy more highschool drama with this new imminent sensation.

Available on November 12. Continue reading Recapping the Disney+ Panel From D23 Expo