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Watching ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ For the First Time In Seven Years

As you all know, I am a Star Wars fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch an occasional episode of my favorite Star Trek series: Star Trek: The Next Generation or a Star Trek movie every now and then. So yesterday, because I was bored and in need of a halfway decent movie to watch, my sister and I revisited a film we hadn’t seen since we watched it in in IMAX seven years ago, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

When I watched it all those years ago I was mostly underwhelmed. I remembered basically nothing about the movie and that was great because yesterday I enjoyed the absolute heck out of this film.

J.J Abrams may make a bad movie every now and then but when he gets it right he can create a film that is truly spectacular as he balances both humor and emotion to create quite an action-packed spectacle.

My sister and I were taken on quite the riveting ride as the film weaves its story with plot twist after plot twist until the end.

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Fan Art Wednesday

Another Fan Art Wednesday has arrived. Enjoy!

A Cool Comic Cover


My sister has been doing this collaborative thing on Instagram where she takes people’s suggestions for what they want to see her draw and, well, brings those suggestions to life. One person had drawn a comic called Rebirth of the Balance featuring Rey going to the World Between Worlds and my sister took that concept to the next level. Here they are, side by side.

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Here Are A Bunch of New ‘Star Wars’ Books To Look Forward To

I’ve only recently gotten into Star Wars books in the last year and it’s been like finding a jackpot of fictional material. In fact, Star Wars books have become my new favorite thing to read in the fictional side of things. So, imagine how I excited I became when I found out that a ton of new Star Wars books that would be arriving within the next year was announced at SDCC? I am ecstatic! So, to share with you all my excitement, here are some of the books that really caught my eye. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances

I haven’t gotten around to the Thrawn series yet but this book intrigues me simply because it has an awesome cover. I definitely have to catch up with his story before this book comes out.

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