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‘Marnie’: The First Alfred Hitchcock Movie to Make Me Cry

As a homage to Sean Connery who passed at the age of 90 just last week the next Alfred Hitchcock movie I decided to watch was Marnie, a film starring him and Tippi Hedren in a romantic mystery that, despite not having the high-octane action of North by Northwest or the nail-biting suspense as Rope, manages to keep you on your toes in a different way.

Sean Connery plays the role of the dashing (and rather gentlemanly, all things considered) businessman Mark Rutland who unexpectedly falls in love with a kleptomaniac (Tippi Hedren’s Marnie.) She tries to steal from his company, he finds her, and instead of turning her over to the police, he marries her and tries to help her due to her mentally challenged behavior.

What takes place is a two hour long film that asks the question and leaves you asking the question, “What is wrong with her?” She’s frightened by the color red, she hates thunder and lightning, and despite sharing a couple of onscreen kisses with Connery’s Rutland and getting married the thought of performing any, you know, marital acts leaves her screaming and deathly afraid.

It’s all very strange and as the tension builds so does the suspense until the film reached its resounding conclusion which actually brought me to tears, can you believe that? I didn’t think I’d find myself actually getting emotional over Hitchcock’s movies but this one…this one got me.

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