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Ranking the Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 5

It’s the last part of this updated ranking and now we’ve reached my new and improved top ten characters in the MCU moment. Some things will stay the same but there will definitely be some changes so, with no further delay, here are my ten favorite characters.

10. Valkyrie

I’ve said this multiple times but her drunken entrance into the MCU was the instance that made me realize I loved this lady. She wasn’t your typical, flawless heroine who’s eye candy and a potential love interest for the male protagonist. She was a tough, heavy-drinking warrior lady with nice biceps and an even nicer sword/outfit to match.

When Valkyrie made her return in Endgame I loved her even more, specifically with her beautiful Pegasus and new spear. She’s always been one of my favorite characters and now I can’t wait to see her being King of Asgard.

9. Black Panther

King T’Challa is one of the greatest characters ever brought to the big screen. I mean, he’s an African king who just so happens to also be a superhero! How awesome is that?!

To think that Chadwick Boseman won’t be a part of the MCU anymore moving forward due to his passing last August is honestly still one of the most heartbreaking things that could happen. We’ll see how Ryan Coogler handles his death and how it fits into the sequel in a powerful, moving way but he will always remain one of my favorite Marvel characters for his epic contribution from 2016-19.

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My Top Ten Favorite Marvel Female Characters: Updated

Marvel has a lot of characters and all of them have their own charm. To write these sort of ranking lists pertaining to the MCU is so much harder for me than something like Star Wars because I love so many of the characters but for now, I’ll give it a go. Enjoy!

10. Agnes

WandaVision' Broke the MCU's Reality and It Was Very On-Brand

Agnes a.k.a Agatha Harkness was an instant favorite of mine when she waltzed into Wanda’s life in the first episode of WandaVision and as the series continued and the mystery only deepened she only became more and more fascinating.

By the end, when she revealed herself to be a witch by the name of Agatha Harkness I just really, really enjoyed the character. I’m so relieved that they decided not to kill her off because I want to see her again in the future.

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Ranking the Marvel Heroines; From Worst to Best: Updated

When I first created this post I was still a month and a half away from seeing Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, since then, we have had three new heroines join the party; Captain Marvel, Wasp, and Pepper Potts, meaning this list needs an update pronto. Enjoy my new ranking of the Marvel heroines!

15. Agent 13


I didn’t realize how much I liked Sharon Carter until it was announced that she may play a role in the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier series on Disney+. I was legitimately excited. At that moment I realized just how much she had grown on me over the years. I would probably place her higher if she wasn’t against such stiff competition, hence the last place on this list.

14. Agent Peggy Carter


I like Peggy because she isn’t just a pretty face. She’s also tough, strong-willed, and she proved that she was more than just a love interest/damsel-in-distress. I appreciate that. It’s a shame that she only made one major appearance in the franchise in Captain America: The First Avenger but she definitely won me over.

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The Heroic Women of Marvel

Here’s a look back at the wonderful and diverse women who comprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Infinity Saga has come to an end with Avengers: EndgameEndgame truly was a culmination of the previous twenty-one movies before the Avengers finale, highlighting nearly every character that has placed a stamp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the powerful women.

Today I will celebrate these extraordinary heroines by looking at their thrilling involvement in Endgame and where their stories are heading for the future. Enjoy!

The Ancient One


The Ancient One’s role in Endgame was slight but impactful as we got to see her protecting the New York Sanctum during the Battle of New York and schooling Bruce Banner in the seriousness of tampering with the past. It was delighting to see her again after her being gone for so many years and even though she is a permanently dead character her wisdom will always be felt in the MCU.

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Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven

The storm lasted for three days. In the meantime, the four challengers, Valkyrie, Grunt, Hilda, and Maan rested and healed from their injuries. Now, under a cloudless blue sky, with the sun shining more beautifully than the Asgardians had seen in years, the crowning of a King had arrived.

Before the Great Hall, the whole of New Asgard’s population stood, awaiting their first female King in their people’s history. Valkyrie stood inside the Great Hall, her heart pounding in her breast as she prepared for the first time to stand before her fellow Asgardians as their official ruler. Continue reading Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven

Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Ten

Valkyrie grinned savagely as Grunt charged her. She had been waiting for this moment to teach him a lesson. His thundering approach shook the ground but as he came within a leg’s length away she rolled out of the way, unsheathing her sword in the process. There was a roar from the crowd and when Valkyrie chanced a look she saw Hilda and Maan going at it fiercely across the clearing, their silhouettes bathed in a fiery glow amidst the flames.

There was another roar, this one much closer since it came from Grunt, as he twisted in mid-charge to assault her. Valkyrie nearly committed whiplash to evade his swinging punch at her face before bringing her sword up to slash him. To her great surprise, he grabbed her blade in midair and slammed a fist into it, providing a substantial dent in the metal.

Valkyrie stumbled backward, her mouth agape in disbelief. Grunt saw her shock and grinned ferally. Continue reading Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Ten