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‘WandaVision’: We’re Finally Getting Some Answers!

Okay everybody, it’s week 3, the fourth episode, and yeah we’re finally getting somewhere but that doesn’t mean the show is suddenly starting to make sense.

We’ve finally been given an explanation about S.W.O.R.D and Monica’s involvement, which was awesome by the way, but the question (“What the heck is happening?”) still hasn’t been fully answered.


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‘WandaVision’: My Analysis of ‘Now in Color’

WandaVision is three episodes in and yeah, it’s just as spectacularly weird and entertaining as I imagined it would be. The last two episodes gradually revealed to us that everything in Westview is not as it seems but this third episode has finally pushed us a little over the edge into the true, and maybe even sinister, nature of this series.

The first thing I would like to point out in this episode is Vision.


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‘WandaVision’: That Third Episode!

This show has my brain tied up into knots as each episode pushes us deeper and deeper into the mystery of the series. The third episode, set in the 70s’, is the funniest episode yet with more humorous moments from Wanda and the surprise comedy relief that is Paul Bettany as Vision.

There’s jokes galore and so much joy but then the show continues to turn to a darker side by revealing to us in several different ways that something is very, very wrong.

I find myself even more surprised and excited for what’s ahead. It’s very clear that these next six episodes are only going to get better and better and I am ecstatic!

And yeah, I’m sticking to my theory that Wanda is going to be a villain by the end of this series. You’ll know why I’m saying that if you see this episode.

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Will ‘WandaVision’ Be Too Weird For Its Britches?

WandaVision is just a little over a month away and as six posters were released in the last few days for the series I don’t know what to think. Here they are.

Each poster represents a different decade for each episode. The question is, will this show be good? The actors have been excited about it ever since they read its script, heralding it for its weird wackiness and its exhilarating storyline.

Of course, all of this is leading up to whatever Wanda Maximoff’s storyline will entail in Phase 4 of the MCU and I have a feeling this show is building to the moment when she becomes an antagonist. The thought is very exciting but after The Mandalorian I’m just hoping that this show can be good too.

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