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White Vision Needs to be Friend Zoned in His Upcoming Role in the MCU

WandaVision is over but it left some nuggets, like all MCU installments, along the way. One of the biggest teases for the future of the MCU was the return of Vision via White Vision in the finale. We saw him get his memories back and then he flew away to who knows where.

In the final post-credits scene we see Wanda somewhere by a beautiful lake drinking tea and enjoying life but she is alone. White Vision is nowhere to be seen and the scene itself didn’t set up any highly-anticipated reunion between her and this new version of Vision. So…what’s going to happen next for the two lovebirds? Honestly, I think Wanda’s epic love story with the humanoid synthezoid ended with the finale of WandaVision and now I believe it will be best if she moves on.

Wanda Maximoff has experienced potentially the most grief out of any character besides Thor thanks to the fact that she lost her parents as a child, her brother during the Sokovian battle, and then her boyfriend over and over again. Does she really want to have to feel that pain again, especially since her story seems to be barreling toward villainy and the eventual destruction of the world? I don’t think so. And honestly, just because White Vision has Vision’s memories doesn’t exactly mean that he’s suddenly deeply in love with Wanda.

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Why Director Hayward May Be a Bigger Villain Than We Thought

WandaVision is over, yes it is, and it kind of ended on a sour note but that alone isn’t enough to dissuade me from continuing to think about this series that has dominated my excitement for the past two months. In nine days I will be able to move on to a new obsession, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but for now WandaVision is still very much on the brain.

And who do I keep thinking about? Director Hayward. Yeah…that guy.

We Can't Trust WandaVision's Director Hayward

Hayward is about as annoying as they come. His punchable face had people on Twitter mad for weeks and with each passing episode he seemed to get worse and worse ’till by the end, he was trying to shoot Wanda’s (imaginary-made-real) children without even blinking.

His actions, however terrible, seemed justified though. In a conversation with Monica Rambeau in Episode 6, he tells her how hard it was during the five years after Endgame when half of all life had been blipped. His hatred for superheroes had coalesced and hardened him into a no-nonsense type of fellow whose only goal seemed to be wanting to permanently end Wanda.

And yet there’s a moment that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s a small blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type of moment but its impact may be felt long after Hayward’s role in this series. And it’s during the eighth episode.

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A Final Special ‘WandaVision’ Fan Art Sunday

WandaVision is over but that doesn’t mean I can’t share some incredible fan art inspired by the show’s various episodes. Enjoy!

Press play. It’s magical, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic!


Powerful! We may not have gotten a chance to see Monica Rambeau really use her new powers but this scene was very awesome.


The vision…


“It’s your destiny to destroy the world.” This sounds so amazing! I love a good hero-turns-to-the-dark-side story and Wanda is as dark as they come. Her journey has been forged by tragedy. By the time of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness it’s very clear that we will be moving even closer to the realization of Agatha’s haunting words and I can’t wait.

The artist is Uzuri Art.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

The ‘WandaVision’ Finale Is Almost as Messy As ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

WandaVision was quite the fun ride that came to a grinding, almost whiplash-like halt yesterday. Yeah, the finale wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen but it pretty much didn’t live up to the hype. In fact, the finale possibly ruined the entire series.

From the first episode to the eighth, WandaVision set up so many potential threads. The first act (Episodes 1-3) gave us some lovely nostalgia with its perfect sitcom theme mixed with a leering creepiness that seemed to be hiding beneath the fake smiles and new looks.

The second act (Episode 4-6) slowed things down a little bit and started to fracture Wanda’s reality before our eyes. Episode 4 was the glorified recap, Episode 5 was the first stunning episode with a jaw-dropping cameo that never led to anything that special (which I’m fine with, but did Marvel really have to toy with us like that), and Episode 6 was an underwhelming supposed next step in the right direction.

Is WandaVision's Heartbreaking End Hidden in Plain Sight? | Vanity Fair

And then there was the third act (Episodes 7-9) that finally had to wrap up this mystery box with a big beautiful bow. Episode 7 returned to the sitcom shtick with success while giving us a new Avenger in Monica through an epic that’s-how-she-gets-her-powers sequence that once again, didn’t lead to anything special. Episode 8 was the best in the series, delving deep into Wanda’s trauma with 40+ minutes of heart-wrenching material. Plus, we got the Scarlet Witch name drop which left people in a tizzy.

And then there was that finale.


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‘WandaVision’: An Analysis of ‘Previously On’

This latest episode of WandaVision was next level sad. I’m talking punch after punch of emotion all the way to that chill-inducing conclusion that left me utterly floored. I have a lot of thoughts but I’m going to whittle it down to struck me the most.


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This Latest Episode of ‘WandaVision’ Has Left Me Frustrated

Every week of WandaVision has left me pleased on some level, even the fourth episode which was the last episode to leave me a little underwhelmed, but this was the first episode that has literally left me looking like this emoji:😡.

I’ve loved this show up to this point. The humor was spot-on and left me constantly giggling or laughing. The clues and nods to the truth of the show left me riveted and brewing my own theories about the series. And the endgame of it all felt like we would be getting something truly exciting. Now, I’m not quite sure this show is going to end the way I hope it does: epic!


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