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‘Aladdin’ Is the Best Disney Movie I’ve Seen in Years

Last year Aladdin arrived in theaters to mixed reviews. While some enjoyed it most felt like it was a bland interpretation of the classic animated film…however, it would still go on to make a little over a billion dollars. A couple of days ago Aladdin became available to watch on Disney+ and because my family and I were interested in the film, mainly to see how Will Smith injected new life into the infamous Genie, we decided to watch it.


At first, the film started a little rapidly and I found myself beginning to understand why the film received mediocre reviews. And then…as the story continued onward and the narrative began to slightly stray from the animated version I started finding myself invested in the film, which clearly grasped me from the beginning with its STUNNING visuals. I mean, gosh these Disney movies are eye-catching.


When Will Smith’s Genie showed up, however, I was pretty much sold. He was so funny, so fantastic, and his rendition of “Friend Like Me” was absolutely perfect. I could not stop smiling…and neither could my family. Continue reading ‘Aladdin’ Is the Best Disney Movie I’ve Seen in Years

A Movie Ranking: Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the few actors I can say I’ve never seen a bad movie involving him. No, not all of the films are the best movies I’ve ever seen but he chooses his films very well. I’ve seen so many of his movies, some even very recently, and because of his newest film, Gemini Man, which literally comes out today, it makes perfect sense to celebrate the renowned actor for this week’s A Movie Ranking. Enjoy!

12. Men in Black II

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in Men in Black II (2002)

The first Men in Black, amazing. The second one, not so much. Men in Black II is one of those movies that you watch and forget. Continue reading A Movie Ranking: Will Smith

‘Aladdin’: Am I Excited or Rather Uninvested?

I wish I could say I’m currently bouncing up and down with excitement to see Aladdin but unfortunately, I’m not. I’ve only seen Aladdin once as a child but I used to read this Disney Aladdin book and listen to the songs ALL the time and I LOVED it. When I heard that Disney was making a live-action version of the animated classic I was excited but skeptical.

I can at least say that the movie seems to look faithful to the animated version of the film, excluding Jafar who looks terrible. And yet, with the movie coming out in nine days, I feel only a little excited about seeing the film.

Now don’t get me wrong. I would go see it but it’s not on my must-see list which is a shame. The commercials aren’t enticing me to watch the movie and the first reactions provided by the critics who have seen the film aren’t overly enthusiastic, proving that yes, the movie is enjoyable but it’s nothing worth running to the movie theaters to see.

Continue reading ‘Aladdin’: Am I Excited or Rather Uninvested?

Wow, ‘Aladdin’ Looks Amazing!!!!!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. The new trailer for Aladdin looks INCREDIBLE!!! I was talking a lot of smack for the past few months but after seeing this full-length trailer I am a believer. Check it out.

I wasn’t convinced about Aladdin thanks to the lackluster teasers but now after watching this, I am truly excited about this film.

Continue reading Wow, ‘Aladdin’ Looks Amazing!!!!!

Is the New Trailer for ‘Aladdin’ Worrying or Promising?

Last night during the Grammys a special look for Aladdin was released and of course, I watched it. Before I make any more comments here’s the trailer.

Okay, so there are pros and cons to this sneak peek. Disney is the masters of making vibrantly beautiful films and this trailer highlights that abundantly. And yet, as I watched this trailer I just couldn’t get excited. The villain is not villainous enough looking to me, Naomie Scott is beautiful as Jasmine but she’s not an entirely convincing Jasmine, and Will Smith is either going to be amazing as the Genie or an absolute trainwreck. Honestly, I can’t quite get a read on this movie. I continue to say, this movie is either going to be incredible or absolutely terrible. I’m hoping for the former.

What do you think about this latest teaser? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

Is It Just Me or are Disney’s Live-Action Remakes Looking Worse?

When Disney started making live-action remakes of some of their most popular animated films I was super excited about the idea. And at first, it seemed like a great idea but as the years have gone by and the films have come I’m beginning to think that maybe it wasn’t as good an idea as it sounded. The live-action remake of Cinderella turned out to be a mediocre film with 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.9 on Imdb. I tried to watch it about a year ago but when I saw Prince Charming (who was not charming at all by the way) I couldn’t go any further.


If you’re going to cast someone to play Prince Charming! he’s got to look a little bit better than this. Excuse me for my bluntness.


The Jungle Book was pretty good. I mean, I enjoyed it but I didn’t find it to be that incredible. The critics, however, say otherwise as they gave this movie a whopping 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. At the time, it truly seemed like Disney was doing a good thing by remaking their most loved animated classics.

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