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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Gets Its First Poster

As you may or may not know, the highly-anticipated sequel to Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1984, was originally set to come out this June but was pushed to next year. While we may not be able to see Diana Prince return to fight the bad guys and inspire the world with her awesomeness it seems that Patty Jenkins is getting us warmed up for this superhero sequel with a surprise poster featuring the film. Check it out.


There’s no doubt that it’s pretty cool looking. The film, of course, is set in the 80s’ and it seems that DC Comics is making sure that’s apparent through the marketing for the movie. Wonder Woman looks absolutely fantastic in her suit of armor…but (and there’s always a but with DC Comics) why is her armor different?

As you can see on this poster her suit of armor looks much different than in the previous DC Comics movies. See here.

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Breaking News: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is Being Pushed to 2020!

The DCEU messiness continues as Wonder Woman 1984 has gotten pushed from premiering next year in November all the way until June of 2020. That. Is. BONKERS! That’s like an announcement arriving that Spider-Man: Homecoming (which is set to come out next July) would be moved all the way until May of 2020. Wouldn’t that be shocking?

This breaking news proves that The DC Extended Universe is still facing some major problems internally for a shocking twist like this.

So, for all of you who were excitedly waiting to see this Wonder Woman sequel next year (like me), we must wait another year before we get any tantalizing tidbits on the film.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Gives Us First Looks At These Main Characters

Wonder Woman was a global success last year as it broke records and proved that female superheroes can rule the box-office. It’s the only DC Extended Universe film to receive critic appraisal for its simple but well composed story and glorious imagination. And now, two years after its arrival, its sequel will be upon us. So, in the light of Wonder Woman 1984 letting its presence be known at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, here are some photos giving us a first look at the movie.

Steve Trevor Has Come Back To Life?


Steve Trevor looks clearly out of place in this mall filled with the hairstyles and fashions of the 80s’. But that’s not the most bizarre thing about this picture? How is that Steve Trevor is supposedly still alive, perfectly intact, and doesn’t seem to have aged a day and yet it’s over fifty years into the future? Has he had Steve Roger syndrome and is this a narrative plothole waiting to happen?

In Justice League Diana Prince told Cyborg about how losing Steve Trevor was one of the hardest things she’s ever faced. But if he’s not dead are we supposed to assume that she was lying to Cyborg and that Steve Trevor is really alive as an old man somewhere. These questions will hopefully be answered in this Wonder Woman sequel.

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