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The Official Trailer for ‘Dune’ Is Here!

It’s getting closer. Dune‘s time is almost upon us and I know for a fact it’s going to be one of the biggest events of the year. The official trailer dropped today and here’s a note; if you’d rather stay in the dark about the story then I really would refrain from watching this trailer because it shows a lot. But nevertheless, here’s the official trailer for Dune.

Epic. That’s all I can think when I see this trailer. It’s going to be an epic experience in IMAX. One that will remain in my heart for years to come.

I’m glad I watched the old Dune movie from 1984 because I can actually look at this and see things that I recognize which is really exciting, to be honest. This looks like a faithful reboot of a story that deserves to be seen on the big screen these days.

The hype is real.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

I’m Recasting The Alfred Hitchcock Movies: Part 1

If you’ve been reading my blog you may know that I am an Alfred Hitchcock fan. His movies are top-notch, his directorial vision is stellar, and he’s simply an inspiration. Being the Alfred Hitchcock fan that I am I decided to do something really fun; recast his most iconic films with current Hollywood stars that would be great fits for these movies. So, with no further delay, let’s begin with North by Northwest.

In this action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns you had leading man Cary Grant and his beautiful spy love-interest, Eva Marie Saint. Together, they carried this riveting story that doesn’t let up until the film’s abrupt conclusion.

So, who could play the confused-but-quick-witted businessman, Roger Thornhill and the beautiful-yet-cunning CIA agent, Eve Kendall?

Bingo, Idris Elba! I can just see him as the New York businessman-turned-hunted-CIA-decoy Roger Thornhill. He has the charm, he has that same Hollywood leading man quality as Cary Grant, and he’s someone easy to root for.

Now, there’s so many women I can imagine playing Eve Kendall but my immediate choice was…

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The Trailer for ‘Dune’ Is NIIIIICE

Okay, first off I’d like to announce that I’m one of those people who has no idea about Dune‘s story. I’ve managed to garner a bit of an idea of what is going on in this film through my father’s small details of the movie and the synopsis provided but besides that…I’m in the dark.

Thankfully, this three-minute-long trailer still didn’t give me an idea of what this new (and very epic looking) story is about and I am ready for it. Here’s the trailer.

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‘The Greatest Showman’ Is Joy In a Bottle

Ever since this movie came out I’ve been hearing rave reviews about it. The song “This Is Me” was everywhere, making me not that enthusiastic about seeing the film but once it dropped on Disney+ and after seeing Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables I had to give it a look. Well, I got to say, it lived up to the hype.

The very beginning thrust me back in my seat, leaving me like, “Whoa, this is cool!” And then Hugh Jackman started singing and I was enchanted. Wow! The man can sing. I know I said that when I watched Les Miserables but hearing him singing songs that sound like pop songs I was even more impressed. I mean, I’m just blown away ’cause he’s Wolverine but wow, he’s multi-talented.

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Movie Review Flashback: My Long-Awaited Review of ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’

This has been a fun year for Marvel, again. First, we had Captain Marvel which was a fun introduction to a powerful heroine. Then we had Avengers: Endgame which was expectedly brilliant. And last but definitely not least, we had Spider-Man: Far from Home.

I missed getting to see it in the movie theaters but as soon as it arrived on Digital I jumped at the chance to finally see this movie and it wasn’t long before I realized I was going to have a blast.

First off, if you’re wondering whether Spider-Man: Far from Home is better than Spider-Man: Homecoming, in short, it isn’t, but it isn’t worse either. I find that both films are practically the same in style, enjoyment, plot twists, and humor. But that’s actually a good thing considering that Spider-Man: Homecoming was pretty entertaining and clearly stands as one of my ten favorite Marvel movies. Continue reading Movie Review Flashback: My Long-Awaited Review of ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’

MJ’s Intricate Personality is Why She Is Such a Great Character

One of the most important elements of Spider-Man’s story is his love life. He’s a hero for the nerdy guys of the world as by day he’s pretty much this awkward teenager who is as nerdy as they come but by night he becomes a web-slinging superhero who is always finding a way to save the city that he loves. And he always gets the girl.

Throughout the years, Mary Jane Watson has been the beacon of Peter Parker’s affections.

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In the first Spider-Man trilogy Kirsten Dunst played a more accurate comic book version of the character as she sported the red hair Mary Jane Watson is often associated with.

Emma Stone reformed the character, having blond hair instead of the classic red hair of the character. Both of these Mary Jane’s are your classic damsels in distress, it just so happens that Emma Stone’s version of the character died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a gutsy choice on the writers’ part.

And then we have the latest rendition of the character, Michelle or as she’s more commonly known MJ. Continue reading MJ’s Intricate Personality is Why She Is Such a Great Character