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Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Eight

Kijimi City was crawling with paranoid First Order troopers knocking down doors and harassing civilians on the streets after what had transpired earlier in the day. Zorii was keeping out of sight, sticking to the alleys and darting through their heavily patrolled jurisdictions as she made her way to Babu Frik.

She took a glance at the sky and noted the position of the sun peeking through the white cover of clouds overhead. It was nearly midday, from the looks of it. She cursed. Had she been unconscious for that long?

She peeked around a corner, making sure there were no troopers in sight, before running forward and vaulting over the two stairs that led into the alcove where the heavily frequented bar, Spice Runners’ Den, was located. When she entered the dark but vibrant establishment with its green and blue lights casting the space into a nightclub feel she felt, for the first time that day, safe.

The bar was expectedly crammed with individuals, some familiar and some new. There were a few nods in her direction or curious peers from those wondering who she was. An old friend, a dark Zabrak woman with long hair dyed a stark red color named Charn, spotted her from the other side of the bar and exclaimed loudly, “Hey sis!” as she held up a neon blue drink in salute.

Zorii held up her hand as way of greeting before making her way into the back of the bar where Babu’s workshop was located. A shifty-looking fellow with copper skin and tattoos painting his entire neck and parts of his face into a mess of colors and designs was leaving the workshop, a scowl twisting his face into a picture of contempt. He glanced at Zorii with particular disdain before stomping past her. She watched him disappear, her thoughts racing.

What was he so mad about? she thought to herself before entering the workshop. Continue reading Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Eight

Zorii Bliss: Chapter Eight

Zorii didn’t know what time it was when she finally woke up.

The first thing she noticed was the darkness followed by an immediate flare of pain that coursed through her body, immediately revealing her painful predicament. As she slowly rose from the rubble that surrounded her she realized that she was partially trapped inside a section of the tunnel that thankfully hadn’t collapsed and crushed her. But there was a way out. As her vision adjusted and the screen on the inside of her helmet began to relay to her all of the ways to escape this place she took a deep breath and rolled her shoulders. Continue reading Zorii Bliss: Chapter Eight

Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Seven

It wasn’t long before Zorii had joined the fray. The tunnels were crowded with First Order stormtroopers firing into the darkness at the rebels who peeked from their hiding places only to down their enemies or to be shot down in the process. Bliss helped the rebels’ odds big time when she joined the fray.

She tore into the First Order’s flank, letting off a barrage of blaster fire from her two blasters before rolling forward, rising to a crouch and shooting several troopers’ kneecaps out from under them before finishing them off with precise shots to the head.

The troopers turned as they realized a new (and much more dangerous) enemy had joined the party but they weren’t ready for her speed and agility. She danced through their ranks, using her blasters as both handheld weapons to knock her opponents unconscious before ending their miserable lives with efficient blasts. It wasn’t long before this particular squadron of troopers was taken care of but the fight was far from over. Continue reading Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Seven

Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Six

The snowstorm was fierce, leaving Zorii half-blinded as she hurried through the empty streets. Civilians knew, when the snowstorms arrived, to find cover but she had a job to do. She wanted to leave this planet and to do that she needed to get to the client before he acquired the sudden urge to skedaddle. Even if that meant freezing due to the frigid temperatures that came with such a storm.

Yes, her form-fitting suit protected her from the elements but it didn’t mean that she didn’t feel the cold every now and then. And right now, she was the nippy temperature seemed to cut through the purple fabric of her suit more than ever.

Ahead, she could see the vague outlining of a building. She rushed forward, knocking on the building’s entrance; a dull wooden door. A few seconds later there was a voice. Continue reading Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Six

Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Five

Into the tunnels, Zorii Bliss hurried; a vast length of secret underground chambers that stretched beneath Kijimi City all the way into the mountains. It was where the rebel cell moved about when avoiding the First Order until the moment they deemed worthy of delivering a strike.

There were many civilians in the city that didn’t even know it existed in order to keep the cell, in fact, a secret. Thankfully, Bliss and her fellow spice runners had helped the rebels on a number of occasions and so they were allowed passage through the chambers.

The tunnels were nothing special, just old cave-like passages that were hollowed out by ancient worms that once inhabited this area of Kijimi. Dim lighting brightened the pathway, allowing Zorii a chance to see her way forward.

She moved through the tunnels quickly, the echoing footsteps of other individuals, most likely rebels (at least she hoped) resounding through the course way. It was a winding labyrinth that could easily lead one to get lost but she had memorized the tunnels just in case she ever needed to escape. Because of her knowledge of the underground world, she was hurrying up a wooden staircase which led into a short tower on the eastern edge of the city.

There, a young dark-haired sentry sat slumped against the locked entrance of the tunnels snoring. The creak of her footsteps startled the teenager awake and he sprung to his feet, a blaster in hand and his green eyes wide. She held up her hands.

“I’m on your side, kid,” she yelped.

He exhaled deeply, rubbing his eyes as he holstered the blaster. “Sorry. I’ve just…I’ve been awake all night.”

“The First Order?” she asked.

He nodded. “There’s been word that there’s a traitor in our midst. Char Tudukka told us to remain vigilant at the four entrances just in case the First Order shows up.”

Zorii patted his shoulder. “You don’t have a replacement?”

The boy blushed. “No, ma’am. I’ve been assigned to the Eastern Entrance.” He raised his chin. “I’m proud Char Tudukka tasked me with such an important role.”

Zorii smiled beneath her helmet. “Then make sure you stay up, kid. Wouldn’t want him to catch you asleep now, would you?”

He blanched. “You’re right.”

He hurried to the tunnel’s entrance, unlocking it with an archaic key. She moved past him, heading out of the tunnels into the tower where slitted windows revealed a snowstorm brewing outside. At least the sudden storm would make it harder for the First Order to operate on this early morning. She turned to look back at the teenager.

“Good luck, kid.”

He smiled. “Thanks. You too.”

With that, he closed the door and as it slammed shut with a resounding echo she continued onward, hurrying through the tower’s top room to the winding staircase that would lead her out of the tower and closer to her destination; the client.

Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Four

Yeah, she needed to get off Kijimi. Avoiding death in the span of a couple of hours from two different parties wasn’t exactly the kind of morning one would consider a dream life.

Suddenly, there was a barrage of blaster bolts whizzing by and assaulting the troopers behind her from the shadowy crooks of the buildings surrounding her. She looked back and saw the troopers lying face first in the snow. She turned, holstering her blasters as Gibble, a darkly masked man clad in a thick fur-lined coat, stepped forward.

“Already getting yourself into trouble?” he asked, his deep voice slightly augmented by the mask.

She shrugged. “I’m kind of off today.”

Another slightly leaner individual in a similar outfit stepped from another crook, moving toward her slowly with a sort of menacing attitude. This was Evver.

“Did you get the credits?” the person asked, their light tone not fully distinguishable between a man and woman’s voice.

Zorii regarded Evver as offended. “Of course I did.”

Gibble’s tense shoulders loosened. “Then the plan is motion.”

“I’ve got to see Babu,” Zorii said, moving forward to pass them. Gibble stopped her from doing so as he held out his hand.

“Not now. We’ve gotten word that the First Order is increasing their forces and our client is getting skittish. There’s no time to dilly-dally. You need to go to him now and get that information we need to find the First Order captain before he leaves.”

Zorii nodded. “Well then, my adventure continues.”

“Take the tunnels. You’ll be safer down there.”

She cocked her head. “I’m fine.”

Now it was his turn to cock his head. “Are you?”

She nudged him as she walked by him. “Just keep an eye out for anything suspicious.”

With that, she was off to find the client just as a cover of grey clouds covered the sun and a small flurry of snow began to descend upon the city.