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Throwback Friday: Black Widow Is Here To Stay…Just Not in the Way, We Think

Scarlet Johansson will star as Black Widow one more time in the upcoming Black Widow standalone film this fall. However, there are already rumors that, depending on the film’s success, there may be a Black Widow sequel. But how can there be a Black Widow sequel without Scarlet Johansson? Very simple. The Black Widow movie is setting up another story of a new hero. Her name is Yelena Belova.


In the comics, Yelena Belova is chosen at the age of fifteen to become the new Black Widow after Natasha Romanoff’s allegiance to Russia becomes non-existent.


Florence Pugh will play Yelena Belova in Black Widow whose story will be fleshed out in this newest addition to the MCU.

Her relationship with Natasha Romanoff’s character is described as a sisterly-rivalry. I am very confident in the idea that Black Widow will conclude with Natasha handing over the metaphoric baton of the title of Black Widow to Yelena Belova and she, like Natasha Romanoff, will have to prove her loyalty to the world as a good guy in a future Black Widow sequel.

In fact, this could be the secret Black Widow trilogy we have always wanted except with Florence Pugh at the helm in the next two outings. How cool would that be?

With Avengers: Endgame bringing about the end of an era, it seems that the creative minds behind the franchise are looking to either move on to new characters or reboot other characters. It’s why Falcon will become the new Captain America, Spider-Man has become the new Iron Man of sorts, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will become the new Thor, She-Hulk will replace The Hulk, Kate Bishop will become the new Hawkeye, and Yelena Belova will be the new Black Widow. Even James Gunn has confirmed that beyond Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 we will see a new Guardians team in the MCU.

Things are changing…fast and I’m excited about the ride.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Ranking the Marvel Movies: from Worst to Best

23 movies, 23 rankings, which movie will be on top?

23. The Incredible Hulk


With every updated ranking post that I have ever written The Incredible Hulk will always be in the last place.

22. Thor: The Dark World


While Thor: The Dark World has become somewhat more interesting since its inclusion in Avengers: Endgame, this movie’s still pretty terrible.

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DC Comics or Marvel: What’s Your Favorite

Superhero movies have become all the craze in the last decade when Hollywood realized these films make a crapload of money. And superhero films make a whole lot of money because a larger demographic can watch it. Grandparents, parents, teenagers, children, every generation can find a reason to get into these movies at their own pace and enjoy the riveting spectacle.

Marvel Studios has had the most success at acquiring an audience willing to drag themselves off of the couch, step outside the house, get into their car or whatever form of transportation, and head to the theaters to see what’s going to happen in the next chapter of the franchise’s world-building.

But you can’t deny that DC Comics has tried to put their own stamp into the superhero conversation with films that have started a conversation of their own. Unfortunately, the conversations haven’t been overly positive.

But these franchises don’t just pertain to the last decade of superhero galore. We must think back to the Batman movies in the 80s and 90s’, the X-Men films in the 2000s, and The Dark Knight trilogy which spanned from 2005 to 2012.

Of these franchises that have given us so many superhero movies over the decades, which is your favorite?

Honestly, I am torn to pick a favorite. On one side, Marvel has managed to deliver powerful stories over the last decade with superheroes that I legitimately care about. And then on the other side with DC Comics its collection of heroes and villains are far more spectacular. Wonder Woman, Superman, Shazam, Aquaman, the only hero that seems like a regular human is Batman who, like Iron Man, uses his brain to create the ultimate superhero alias.

But definitely, at the end of the day, I’d have to pick Marvel. If DC Comics could find a way to give its lovable stories in the same way that Marvel Studios has taken care of its characters I’d probably pick DC Comics. Until then, Endgame is enough to convert me to the Marvel side of the spectrum.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.


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Is ‘Venom’ Worth Watching?

*Tssk, tssk, tssk* Venom. The movie that has broken records and is now holding the top spot as the highest grossing origin story superhero movie of all time, thanks to its raving success overseas. When I saw the teaser I was so excited to see this film. Then it oozed into theaters and disparaging reviews of the movie started pouring into the internet about the film. It dissuaded me from wanting to spend my valuable dollars for a film that wasn’t going to be that great and so I patiently waited for it to come out digitally.

So, last night, I saw that it was available for rental and so I decided to check it out. I was curious about finding out whether the movie was truly worthy of its rotten 29% score on Rotten Tomatoes or if it was deserving of becoming the highest grossing superhero origin story movie of all time. It warranted neither of these things. It wasn’t bad enough to only be 29% on Rotten Tomatoes but it wasn’t good enough to make so much money at the box office either.

So, the question remains; Was Venom worth watching? Yes…and no. This is why.

(This is a spoiler-free review.)

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Throwback Friday: The Reasons Why ‘Iron Man 3’ Is and Isn’t a Pointless Installment in the MCU

Iron Man 3. Like Thor: The Dark World, it’s a forgotten and seemingly pointless installment in the MCU. Its villain, The Mandarin, is one of the more unforgettable antagonists in the franchise. And Tony’s storyline moving forward barely feels affected by the plot points that are presented in the film.

I don’t watch Iron Man 3 often but after seeing Endgame I wanted to go back and look at the Marvel films I’m less familiar with, one of those films, of course, being Iron Man 3.


Iron Man 3 isn’t exactly a terrible movie but compared to the other two Iron Man films it almost feels like a travesty. With a villain that’s almost more comical than intimidating in The Mandarin and a storyline that’s trying too hard to be grave plus evolve Tony’s character despite the fact that he’s pretty much the same person by the end of the film that he was at the beginning, Iron Man 3 isn’t anywhere near the enjoyable status of my favorite Marvel movies.

And yet, it’s not entirely a pointless film. In fact, it’s almost kind of fascinating to look back at for a couple of really intriguing storylines, one of course being Pepper’s ascension to being a superhero. Continue reading “Throwback Friday: The Reasons Why ‘Iron Man 3’ Is and Isn’t a Pointless Installment in the MCU”

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Has One Major Problem: Its Treatment of Women

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was the final installment in the X-Men franchise before Disney would get its Mickey Mouse paws on these characters and stories and while it was received with scathing reviews I happen to enjoy the film. But there is a problem. A problem that I find is a common theme when it comes to these superhero movies.

In Avengers: Endgame Black Widow, a character fans had grown to love over the years, was killed, ceremoniously, but killed nonetheless without given any chance to truly shine. We saw her cry, we saw her sacrifice herself, but she was never able to kick butt in any awesome action scenes and she wasn’t around during the final battle against Thanos, which only felt even more gutwrenching as the women in Marvel assembled for a powerful charge against Thanos’ forces in one of the best scenes in the entire MCU.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix treats its female characters with the same sad lack of awesomeness. Continue reading “‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Has One Major Problem: Its Treatment of Women”

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Will ‘Spider-Man 3’ Be the First Superhero Ensemble Film of the Trilogy?

Spider-Man 3 is set to arrive in theaters next November (unless COVID-19 continues to mess things up for the movie industry) and that means we will get to see the continuation of Peter Parker’s story as he now deals with his identity being exposed to the world. How will he deal with this new level of fame or animosity from villains who will want to claim their revenge? And just how many villains will be looking for a piece of Spider-Man?

I feel that it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the Sinister Six to the world, maybe under the direction of their menacing boss, Kingpin. The Sinister Six comprises of Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Sandman, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter. Vulture and Mysterio have already been introduced in the MCU and they are surely looking for some sweet, sweet revenge. These other four antagonists would only make things that much more interesting. Continue reading “Will ‘Spider-Man 3’ Be the First Superhero Ensemble Film of the Trilogy?”