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Dragons in ‘Star Wars’?

The past five episodes of this season of Star Wars: Resistance have been very entertaining but this week’s episode, From Beneath, didn’t float my boat as much as the others. Not saying that it was bad, but it highlighted two characters sparsely shown throughout the series so far, Flix and Orka, and they aren’t two characters I’m particularly fond of.

Bucket’s List Extra: 5 Fun Facts from “From Beneath” – Star Wars Resistance

Learning that Flix had a family of space chicken cousins that didn’t get along with him wasn’t exactly something that I needed to know and did not make me like this character any more. However, the episode’s saving grace was the dragons. Yes, the dragons!

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‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Retains Its Quality By Delivering an Enjoyable Fifth Episode

The season so far has been quite enjoyable, delivering entertaining episodes after entertaining episodes and the fifth episode, The Engineer, was no exception.


Neeku’s got a girlfriend. Neeku’s got a girlfriend. Lol. Well, he had a girlfriend, or whatever. All in all, it’s hilarious.

Once again, for yet another episode, my eyes were riveted to the screen and the suspense reached its peak in an exhilarating way. I’m very interested in seeing where next week’s episode will take these characters, which new characters they may eventually meet, and how Tam’s betrayal will factor, big time, into this story.

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Episode 4 of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Once Again Doesn’t Fail To Make Me Happy

Last year, Star Wars: Resistance was something else. At times it was really good and at other times it was just…okay. This season has not had that problem. The first four episodes have been nothing short of exceptional, delivering well-written storylines that feel like they will amass to something truly special. And the incredible thing is, with each passing week, I find myself unable to decide which has been the best episode of the season so far.

The latest one, Hunt on Celsor 3, was literally a bundle of joy, providing legitimate humor and some eye-widening suspense. And while this episode decided to refrain from sharing the spotlight with Tam’s side of the story I was not at all bummed because the episode was so enjoyable.

I’m ranking this episode 97 out of 100 and 4.75 out of 5 stars.

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The Third Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Is Expectedly Entertaining

Star Wars: Resistance takes a break from the First Order/Resistance drama, delving into the brighter side of things in an exciting and legitimately enjoyable way.


After the conflict with the First Order in the previous episode, it became very clear to Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager that the Ace pilots needed an upgrade in skill. They’re clearly great racers but in the event of combat, they were less than ready and barely survived their encounter with the First Order.

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‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Delivers an Even Better Second Episode

Last week’s first episode of the second season, Into the Unknown, was a suspenseful, riveting blast. This week’s episode, A Quick Salvage Run, was even better.

Coinciding with the events of The Last Jedi, this episode ups the action and the suspense as the heroes come face to face with the First Order for the first time this season. I found myself unable to tear my eyes from the screen from the level of enjoyment this particular episode provided.

What I found the most exhilarating was the different point of view the episode relayed of the First Order attack on D’Qar in The Last Jedi. We got to see it from Kaz and the crew’s view and it was definitely an interesting perspective.

With our heroes finding themselves in quite the precarious situation moving into next week’s episode I can’t help wondering how this season will play out and what surprises could be up Dave Filoni’s sleeve for this second season.

I’m rating this episode 97 out of 100 and 5/5 stars. It was legitimately entertaining.

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