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5 Movies To Watch this Independence Day

It’s the day before our beautiful country’s official birthday, the 4th of July, and on a celebratory holiday like this, it’s nice to sit back, relax, eat some delicious grilled delights, and watch a movie. But what movie is best to watch with the family on such a glorious summer holiday? Well, here are five films that I think are great Independence Day movies. Enjoy!

Independence Day


Well, this is a duh moment. Independence Day is a 90s’ classic starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in a science-fiction action-packed blockbuster that has stood the test of time. If you’re coming in from the sweltering summer heat to watch a fun movie with the family this is one to turn on. Continue reading “5 Movies To Watch this Independence Day”

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Why ‘The Avengers’ Worked and ‘Justice League’ Didn’t

The Avengers and Justice League; two ensemble superhero movies that saw some of our favorite heroes team up to fight a daunting foe. One movie is under Marvel Studios–a goliath franchise who has slowly but surely amounted a hefty following and appreciation around the world. The other movie is under the DC Extended Universe–a Marvel Studios wannabe who keeps trying to snag a bit of the essence Marvel Studios has illustrated so eloquently over the years.

Unlike Marvel Studios, the producers and minds behind the DC Extended Universe rushed events, resulting in poorly made films that have become blights among superhero movies.


The first DCEU movie was 2013’s Man of Steel which set to introduce a flying red-cape wearing superhero in the vein of Marvel Studios’ first feature film highlighting a red-armor-wearing, flying billionaire.

Four years later, after a few more poorly-reviewed DCEU movies, they decided to unleash Justice League onto the world and it was met with more disdain and bad reviews. Continue reading “Why ‘The Avengers’ Worked and ‘Justice League’ Didn’t”

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Throwback Friday: Was Black Widow Treated Fairly in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

Avengers: Endgame marks the end of an era. Heroes that we have fallen in love with and have grown invested in are moving to new horizons. Some have died, some have survived, some have evolved into greater versions of themselves, but every character has found a certain conclusion in this Infinity Saga finale. That leads me to Black Widow.


Since the beginning, Black Widow has been an important character. She has had her various moments to shine and through the films, we’ve got to learn more and more about her backstory.


We learned that she grew up in the Red Room to be trained as an assassin. We learned, in The Avengers, that she had a debt to her good friend Hawkeye for saving her life. We also discovered as she talked to Loki, that she wanted to right the wrongs of her past.

Continue reading “Throwback Friday: Was Black Widow Treated Fairly in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?”

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My Top 20 Scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 3

Oh man, this is exciting. We’ve reached my top ten favorite scenes in the MCU and so, with no further delay, let’s countdown to the top five.

10. Captain America vs. Iron Man


Captain America: Civil War is filled with twists and turns. At times, you think the story is going one way when in actuality it builds to a climactic duel between Captain America and Iron Man that is 100% epic. I mean, this picture alone details this scene as one of the most striking moments in the MCU. Continue reading “My Top 20 Scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 3”

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Should Joss Whedon Direct the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot?

Joss Whedon is one of the most recognized directors in Hollywood because he managed to bring to life something many Marvel fans probably thought they would never see on the big screen; The Avengers. He took six of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and made a quality film that still manages to impress to this day.

He only stepped away after Avengers: Age of Ultron received less than savory reviews and, being more than a little offended considering that he put a lot of heart and dedication into the movie, he couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. But now there are rumors going around that Joss Whedon could return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to direct another ensemble feature: Fantastic Four.

I, personally, think this would be a great idea. He did SUCH a great job with The Avengers and I have a feeling he could really bring to life these four characters who rightfully deserve a film as good as the likes of The Avengers.

What do you think? Should he return to direct Fantastic Four?

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’: A Hero’s Redemption Part 3

Captain America is one of the most heroic characters to ever be brought to the big screen but, like all great heroes, he does have flaws. What flaws you may ask? Well, there aren’t many, but his dogmatic view of the world can clash with others, leaving people feeling like he’s a bit of a stuck-up pretty boy.

Captain America: Civil War was the first time his views came into direct conflict with his fellow Avengers and it led to him becoming a fugitive/Secret Avenger. It was during this time that he became more hardened and unwilling to play by the rules but when the world needed him he didn’t waste time returning to the forefront to save the day. Unfortunately, his fracturing of The Avengers in Civil War led The Avengers to get defeated by Thanos, hence the Infinity Snap.

His redemptive arc in Endgame isn’t as blatant as Black Widow or Nebula’s but there’s still a common thread between most of these heroes that once again reiterates the brilliance behind the writing of Avengers: Endgame. So, on that note, let’s get to Captain America’s section of this series. Enjoy! Continue reading “‘Avengers: Endgame’: A Hero’s Redemption Part 3”

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Movie Review Flashback: My Favorite Portion of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Teaser Trailer

Three days ago Marvel Studios surprised everyone with a sudden debut of the Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer. It was absolutely incredible and still makes me happy every time I see it. I’ve seen a lot of trailers in my time but this one was really epic. Here’s another look at it.

Anyway, the teaser was Marvel-ous and I’m here to talk about my favorite portion of the trailer because this teaser was so good I couldn’t just pick one clip. So, I’m going to talk about the clips that really stood out in the last half of this trailer. Enjoy!

The Hulk-Buster Returns!


First, I loved this Iron Man suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s really one of the only things that can actually defeat The Hulk in a one on one fight. Two, it’s the beginning of the phase of the trailer that’s just beyond epic. The music, when the Hulk-Buster appears, sounds so amazing it gives me chills every time.

Continue reading “Movie Review Flashback: My Favorite Portion of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Teaser Trailer”