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My Review of ‘Star Wars: Before the Awakening’: Part 2

Yesterday in the first part of this review I shared with you how I felt about Finn’s section of the story. Finn is easily one of my favorite Star Wars characters and it was nice to discover yet another fascinating layer to his story. The second section focused on Rey and, well, it was just as mesmerizing.

Rey’s story has always been inspiring as she went from being a lowly scavenger to becoming a Jedi/the-new-hope of the galaxy. But her years on Jakku are ultimately what fashioned into the incredible hero that she is in the films and this story only delved into the importance of that fact.

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Revisiting the Photos for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

I’m feeling kind of nostalgic so I wanted to reshare the amazing Vanity Fair photos for The Rise of Skywalker. Enjoy!

First off, here are the covers for the Vanity Fair magazine. Um, awesome!


Here we see a look at the native inhabitants of the brand new planet, Pasaana (so it’s not Jakku after all) which is exciting in itself. These clothes, these outfits, it’s beautiful. I have a feeling this film is going to be visually captivating. Continue reading Revisiting the Photos for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Mirroring Relationships: Han Solo and Qi’Ra/Kylo Ren and Rey

Solo may seem like a pointless prequel that doesn’t bring a lot of meaning to the Star Wars universe but in actuality it’s possibly one of the most important movies in the franchise and this is why:


Han Solo has always been one of the most important characters in Star Wars but if you look at the original trilogy it clearly seems that the movies revolve around Luke’s story and that Han and Leia are supporting characters. But, with the release of the current trilogy films and the latest installment, Solo, it’s safe to say that Han Solo has become more important than one may have thought a few years ago. Now his storyline truly matters, as it may contain clues and revelations for some of his son’s past, present, and future actions in the Star Wars universe.

In fact, during my latest viewing of Solo I realized that the relationship between Han and Qi’Ra is loosely similar to Kylo Ren and Rey’s companionship. Here’s why.

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Marvel Women vs. ‘Star Wars’ Women: Who Is Greater?

In the past decade, there has been a steady positive increase in the way women are portrayed through movies and television. In 2017, the three highest-grossing films were all led by women; Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That’s a powerful realization when just a few years ago men still highly dominated the blockbuster realm. Today Hollywood is showing more women than ever, not as damsels in distress but instead as complicated, strong women who don’t need men to dictate their every action or sway their minds. That’s pretty great. And the trend is only continuing.

With critically-acclaimed shows like Big Little LiesOrange is the New Black, and The Handmaiden’s Tale or movies like the upcoming reboot of Charlie’s AngelsTerminator: Dark Fate which highlights the first female Terminator, or the recent news that we’ll see Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) take the baton as the new 007, Hollywood is finally comprehending the power of women of all races in entertainment. Love it!

So today, in honor of all of the powerful ladies of cinema, I’m going to compare ten magnificent female Marvel women against Star Wars’ ten greatest heroines. Enjoy!

(This is a long read.) Continue reading Marvel Women vs. ‘Star Wars’ Women: Who Is Greater?

The Reason Why Padme Is the Worst ‘Star Wars’ Heroine; Comparing Sequels

The other day I watched the second half of Attack of the Clones, which I hadn’t seen in years (I don’t watch it very often anymore) and as I watched the movie I found myself baffled by Padme’s role in the film. Yeah, I’ve watched the film a million times but I haven’t really seen it during the Disney era of Star Wars. With so many inspiring and incredible heroines to enjoy it’s almost shockingly bad how George Lucas treated his only heroine of the prequel trilogy; Padme Amidala.

And don’t get me wrong. She’s a great heroine, or at least she was in The Phantom Menace.


She was a teenage queen but you didn’t even see that because of how mature she was. She didn’t shrink under the scrutiny of the senators in the Republic, she didn’t mind calling Chancellor Valorum out for his lack of care in Naboo’s situation, and she wasn’t afraid to die fighting for the people that she loved. She literally led her meager army, with the help of the Jedi, to war against the much larger force, the Trade Federation and won!

Fast forward three years later to Attack of the Clones and it’s as if every aspect that made her such a likable character was erased, replaced by this storyline that made her seem weak in comparison to her role in The Phantom Menace. Continue reading The Reason Why Padme Is the Worst ‘Star Wars’ Heroine; Comparing Sequels