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The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty-One

The Whisper Arrives

The Battle of New Alderaan was heating up as the First Order broke through the planet’s shields, descending their advance on the Resistance.

Inhabitants of the city were trapped, forced to watch as their beloved city was bombarded by the terrible anger of the First Order. Resistance cruisers and First Order Star Destroyers were duking it out while TIE fighters and X-Wings zipped by overhead in heated dogfights. First Order Stormtroopers were marching through the streets but they confronted a prepared army of Xipher warriors with their young Warden leading the charge, rebel stormtroopers led by Finn, a squadron of feisty mechanics helmed by Rose took their skills to the test as they attacked the First Order with all sorts of lethal contraptions of course, and finally Commander Chewbacca and his unit of Wookie warriors.

The war was in full swing and neither army could seem to defeat the other. Poe Dameron swooped by in his black-and-orange X-Wing, BB-8 beeping frantically as three TIE fighters chased after him.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty

The Root of all Evil

Rey’s body trembled as she gazed at The Whisper. She wasn’t trying to feel weak but the being’s presence was overwhelming. Her lightsaber turned off and she fell to her knees, holding her head as she felt the entity’s powerful touch on her mind.

“Rey?” Ben asked, kneeling beside her.

“Yes,” The Whisper spoke. “You feel my power. The inevitability that you have reached your end.”

Maz unholstered her blaster, pointing it at the woman.

“So it is true,” Maz said. “The legends of old. Tell me. What are you planning?”

“As someone who is the most powerful being in the universe, I will tell you everything because I have waited a millennium for this day.”

Ben ignited his lightsaber with a snarl. “You won’t tell us anything.”

He made to charge the woman but suddenly collapsed to the ground, his lightsaber clattering to the ground. He grunted in pain and Rey reached out to him to comfort but couldn’t as she was frozen in pain as well.

“You will listen to me and then you will die.”

Ben strained but still found himself frozen in place. The Whisper began to casually walk around them as she started to speak.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Nine


Ben Solo didn’t often feel fear but knowing that he would return to one of the darkest worlds in the galaxy was frightening. The last time he had been there…

He shook his head with a sigh, resting back in the passenger seat behind Rey. He could feel Rey’s emotions melding with his as she reached toward him in the Force. He could feel her worry and yet her reassurance. Both of them had struggled with the dark side in the past and now they were traveling to a world enriched with the history of the Sith. What would they face there? What dark forces would they possibly meet? They wouldn’t know until they touched down on the planet.

They emerged out of hyperspace and before them sat the bleak planet of Malachor.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Six

Gathering Information

Rey sat at the controls of Maz’s ship, gazing at the streaming tunnel of hyperspace.

“Where are we going?” she asked Maz Kanata who sat beside her.

“To find the certain information we need we’re going to have to go somewhere I haven’t been in a long time,” Maz replied.

“And where is that?” Ben asked as he entered the cockpit.

“A place I hoped to never return to.”

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