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‘Black Panther’ Resides In Its Own Corner and That’s Why It Is Such A Great Movie

After recently watching Black Panther for the first time after owning Avengers: Endgame on Blu-Ray I was quickly reminded why this became the first superhero movie to garner an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. This movie is SO good, written with a deceptively complex storyline that pleases both the masses and the most snobbish critics. So, because I had such a fun time watching this film last night, I decided to revisit a post I wrote about it last year that perfectly sums up how I’m feeling right now. Enjoy!

The main reason Black Panther was so successful is that, while it definitely feels like a Marvel movie, the writers didn’t incorporate too much of the MCU into the film, which they easily could’ve done. Continue reading ‘Black Panther’ Resides In Its Own Corner and That’s Why It Is Such A Great Movie


‘Thanos: Titan Consumed’ Is a Must-Read for Fans of the MCU

‘Thanos: Titan Consumed’ was something I knew I needed but didn’t think I’d ever get…and that is the story of Thanos. I started reading the book on Sunday. I finished it last night. Yeah. It was that good.

Thanos is a character that has always fascinated me because he’s an intellectual villain. He talks out his plans. He tells the people he murders why he’s doing what he’s doing. In his eyes, he is a hero and everyone who fights against him are the villains. The ones who want to keep the galaxy in its imminent state of ruin and Barry Lyga does an INCREDIBLE job transporting the reader into Thanos’s head and thought process.

I became consumed (pun totally intended) by this amazing story which is, in full, the story of Thanos’s life and his determination to complete his great, righteous mission which is, of course, to wipe out half of all life. Continue reading ‘Thanos: Titan Consumed’ Is a Must-Read for Fans of the MCU

‘Thanos: Titan Consumed’: 136 Pages In and I’m Already Riveted

Another YA novel I discovered last week at my local library was a book I had never heard of. It’s called Thanos: Titan Consumed and it is a faithful companion to Avengers: Infinity War. I’ve put off reading this book for a while and then yesterday, on a boring Sunday, I finally decided to put down my laptop and read this book. I wasn’t ready. Continue reading ‘Thanos: Titan Consumed’: 136 Pages In and I’m Already Riveted

What’s Your Favorite ‘Avengers’ Movie?

The last time I wrote this there were only three Avengers movies. Now there are four, and the fourth and final Avengers film is now the highest-grossing movie of all time. Wow! So, for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? I decided to bring this post back to the forefront for this eventful Marvel year. Enjoy!

The Avengers


The Avengers could’ve been a flop, with a poor script, but with Joss Whedon’s direction and Kevin Feige’s oversight this film turned out to be a massive success. It brought together six amazing heroes in a fight to save Earth from Loki’s tyrannic dominion and it was simply awesome. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite ‘Avengers’ Movie?

I Think I’ve Discovered An Infinity Stone Connection

Joe and Anthony Russo helped answer a lot of questions that people had about Avengers: Endgame but one thing they never cleared up was a particularly strange moment that happened toward the end of Infinity War. Let me explain.


After Thanos does the Infinity Snap, hence wiping out half of all life, he goes to this otherworldly realm where he sees his daughter Gamora at the same age she was when he first met her. Gamora asks him a simple question.

“Did you do it?”

He responds sadly, knowing that his mission was only successful because he killed her, “Yes.”

Gamora seems on the verge of tears, not upset because he killed her but instead it seems she’s disappointed. Disappointed in the idea that he would be willing to sacrifice something he loved so dearly to do so much harm.

This sequence has always intrigued me because it felt like there was a deeper meaning to that scene and yet Endgame didn’t help elaborate on that scene, nor did the Russo Brothers. And yet, I think I’ve found at least a piece of the answer to this strange scene. Continue reading I Think I’ve Discovered An Infinity Stone Connection