What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 2?

Yesterday I shared a list of all of Padme’s looks from The Phantom Menace. Today, we look at her prettiest wardrobe yet from Attack of the Clones. Enjoy!

Undercover Senator


Padme knew she was hated by the Trade Federation and that they would one day try to enact their revenge. It’s why, even as a senator, she had to travel with such caution. So, at the beginning of Attack of the Clones, we see Padme dressed as a pilot to remain undercover and yet even in a piloting outfit she manages to look stylish.

I mean, look at that belt! Stylish.

Senator Padme Amidala


The very next scene we see Senator Padme Amidala has shed her more casual piloting outfit for this outstanding dress and jacket paired with that fashionable choker that perfectly matches the headdress atop her head. She looks nothing short of stunning and it was definitely clear that the designers had created a wardrobe for her that was designed to turn heads.

In other words, they wanted to convey very blatantly why Anakin started drooling when he saw her.

Padme’s White Nightgown


Not often do we get to see what these main characters wear when they go to sleep but Padme is one of the few characters that we are afforded that luxury.

Here we see Padme in a very simple light, wearing nothing more than a white nightgown with her hair laying down and yet she still manages to look elegant.

The Velvet Dress from the Deleted Scene


There was a deleted scene where Padme went to speak with the Senate and while this isn’t one of my favorite looks of hers (mainly because of the makeup) she does look expectedly extravagant in this dazzling velvet dress embroidered with all sorts of finery and that incredible collar.

Talk about avant-garde.

The Black and Grey Dress with the Cinnamon Buns


First off, love the cinnamon bun homage to Leia. Secondly, what does Padme wear around her apartment while preparing to go on a trip? Um…this! It’s amazing right? I know!

I love the silver bands that cinch the puffy sleeves, adding yet another sense of dazzle to this delightful outfit.

The Yellow Travel Dress


I’ve always found it a little odd that Padme was supposed to leave Coruscant undercover but decided to wear this super obvious yellow and brown dress that will draw the eyes of everyone who has a brain to look. I mean come on! She looks like someone important in this very eye-catching traveling getup.

The Beautiful Blue Outfit from the Deleted Scene



This is an outfit from a deleted scene in Attack of the Clones when Padme Amidala takes Anakin to meet her parents and see where she grew up. In the first picture, as you can see she has this beautiful white and blue silk overcoat to wear over her dress. And then the second picture reveals the beautiful blue dress that’s both flattering with her mid-section showing and yet elegant at the same time. The blue band around her hair ties the whole piece together.

The Infamous Rainbow Dress


Padme Amidala has a lot of dazzling looks to her vast collection but this is undoubtedly one of her best. Utterly stunning.

The Yellow Picnic Dress


In this section of Attack of the Clones Padme was beginning to fall in love with Anakin and you can tell simply in her wardrobe. Here she wears this dazzling yellow dress that’s covered in flowers with the yellow headband to make the outfit look even that much better. She looks like a woman who is falling in love in this flirty dress that practically screams unadulterated joy simply from its color palette.

It’s undoubtedly one of Padme’s greatest outfits, in my opinion at least.

The Black Leather Dress (Plus the Fur Shawl)


While eating dinner Padme kept things elegant with the fur covering over the corseted section of this dress.


But later that evening she took away the fur covering, reiterating the fact that Padme was indeed falling in love and this dress displays the pinnacle of the sexual tension between her and Anakin because this dress is SUPER flirty. I mean, think about it. She wouldn’t wear this if Obi-Wan was her Jedi bodyguard. At least I don’t think she would…


The Second Nightgown


For the second time in the film we got to see Padme in her pajamas and once again she looks amazing. The white nightgown, the blue jacket, the curly hair, she looks beautiful.

Geez, can I have this sleeping outfit because I’d wear it in a heartbeat?

The Blue Hooded Cloak


In the very next scene we see Padme wearing one of the most beautiful cloaks I’ve ever seen in any movie with this dazzling blue cloak. Once again, no subtlety.

The Turquoise Dress


Elegant, stylish, head-turning, breathtaking, captivating, I don’t think there are enough words to describe how beautiful this outfit is. Absolutely phenomenal!

The Casual Blue Dress


When Anakin returned Padme wore this stunning blue nightgown under this fantastic, ethnically designed shirt long-sleeved shirt that acts as a jacket over her outfit, culminating into yet another lovely outfit for the impeccably dressed senator.

The White Adventure Outfit


And then we turn to her white outfit that she wore for much of the rest of the movie. Even in what is mainly a simple design she manages to look expectedly regal with the beautiful cloak pairing perfectly with the white outfit.

(Can I have that cloak? It’ll be a great addition to my fall collection. 😁)

The Wedding Dress


And last but definitely not least there was the wedding dress which was just the cherry on the gigantic sundae of designs made for Padme Amidala in Attack of the Clones.

Honestly, it’s tiring just thinking about all of her various looks. And we’ve still got some for tomorrow! *slapping my hand to my forehead* Amazing.

Of these outfits which is your favorite? For me, as I’ve said before in another post, the turquoise dress is just…sublime. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and this outfit only reaffirms that fact.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day. May the Force be with you.


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