Darth Vader’s Greatest Moments

If you’ve read my blog you will know that I’m a HUGE Darth Vader fan. I’m such a Darth Vader fan here’s a real life account of my only encounter with the super awesome dark lord of the Sith. I was at Disney World about five years ago, before The Force Awakens even had a cast, or a title, and I went to the park, Hollywood Studios. I went to ride the attraction, Star Tours, and while I was standing in line a troop of stormtroopers appeared out of nowhere. Now I was already excited to see real life stormtroopers but then Darth Vader walked out and I literally squealed like a fan girl. I couldn’t believe it. He walked like Darth Vader, he looked like Darth Vader, it was DARTH VADER!!!! That is one of the best memories of my life.

So yeah, I’m a Darth Vader fan and today I’m going to share with you all of his Greatest Moments. Enjoy!

1. The Grand Entrance

Even when he had red tinted eyes in A New Hope he was still the coolest villain I had ever seen. I mean think about it, his debut into the movie was through a doorway of smoke and observing the bodies of the rebels that had dared to defy his soldiers with his instantly imposing presence. Best entrance into a movie ever. Darth Vader emits pure authority and fear and that’s why he’s such an awesome villain.

2. The Darth Vader Rampage

vader-rogue-one-update_6ea7ef94 (2)

Rogue One was already good enough as it was and then this scene appeared into the movie! As I’ve told you before, I LOVE Darth Vader and seeing him take out all of those poor rebels was horrifically mesmerizing. I mean look at this picture. It’s SO EPIC looking! Darth Vader is no joke and this movie restored him to his frightening status.

2. Entering the Hoth Base

This is another cool scene featuring Darth Vader in all of his dark caped glory. He was already an awesome and intimidating character in A New Hope but after The Empire Strikes Back he would become a legend amongst villains in cinema and this scene, to me, accentuates that fact. I don’t know what it is with me and fancy Darth Vader entrances but there’s nothing cooler than seeing Darth Vader roaming through the Hoth rebel base with a troop of snowtroopers trailing him. Epic! I mean that scene is one of my favorite scenes in The Empire Strikes Back because that’s simply how cool he is.

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My Review of ‘The Last Jedi’ Novel

So, this past Saturday I wrote a post celebrating my obtaining of The Last Jedi novel and after finishing it over the course of two days I’m here to give you an exciting review of this newest Star Wars book. Enjoy!

The Resistance

One of the least liked aspects of the movie were the Resistance scenes. People disliked Poe and Holdo’s dynamic, people disliked the slow motion chase between the First Order and the Resistance, and overall it wasn’t received very well. Now I, after the second viewing of The Last Jedi, thoroughly enjoyed the Resistance side of the story but the book really makes those portions of the movie shine.

The novel goes into great detail about the hopelessness of the Resistance’s situation and Poe’s agitation with the dire scenario. To him, Holdo was leading the Resistance to utter doom and he couldn’t handle seeing the members of the Resistance succumb to despair as they watched their lives slowly coming to an inevitable demise. These portions of the book actually happened to become my favorite scenes simply because they shed such a fascinating light on a part of the movie I didn’t like as much as other scenes of the movie.

I also LOVED Admiral Holdo in the book. She was already a leader who didn’t falter under pressure and didn’t allow “flyboy” Poe Dameron to mess with her mind but the novel really highlighted how stern and sometimes, unkind, she was at certain points towards the demoted Commander and I was like, “YES!” There’s nothing cooler than a woman who doesn’t take stuff from no one, especially an insubordinate like Poe, and it made me love her character. And that hyperspace maneuver! That was undoubtedly, even on paper, one of the coolest things that I have ever read.

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