Poe’s Greatest Moments

I love Poe! I mean who doesn’t love Poe? He’s funny, he’s charming, and he’s the greatest pilot I’ve ever seen in Star Wars. When he appeared in The Force Awakens I immediately knew he was a character I was going to like and after recently reading The Last Jedi novel and watching the movie, thanks to its digital release yesterday I was further reminded how much I love his character. So today on this segment of Greatest Moments I’m sharing with you all of Poe’s moments that have excited me the most. Enjoy!

1. Captured


This is one of my favorite Poe moments because it was the first time I realized his humorous streak and it was hilarious. It was such a tense moment but Poe brought such levity to that scene. It also spoke to his bravery considering that he wasn’t afraid to joke around with Kylo Ren. That takes a lot of guts. But I’m not surprised because Poe is just that awesome. 🙂

2. Downing Thirteen First Order Enemies in What…Thirteen Seconds?!

Blue Squadron

We all know that Poe is an incredible pilot but what he did in The Force Awakens is undoubtedly one of the greatest things a pilot has ever done. I remember the first time I saw Poe take out thirteen enemies, in the sky and on the ground, in roughly thirteen seconds as he flipped and rolled and zoomed over Finn’s head. It was in IMAX and I was utterly floored. I had never seen anything as cool as that from a pilot and the incredible thing is he hasn’t slowed down since. I know I’ve said this before but…Poe is AWESOME!

3. Taking out the Dreadnought Cannons

Black One

What’s a better way to start The Last Jedi than having Poe single-handedly take out the Dreadnought’s cannons? It’s one of the greatest Star Wars beginnings ever! He took out those cannons so effortlessly and then when he performed that maneuver where he basically performed a 360 around his pursuing TIE fighters before blowing them all away at once is beyond incredible! Poe is undoubtedly the greatest pilot in Star Wars and I can’t wait to see him perform some more piloting magic in Episode IX.

4. Rekindling the Spark


The description for Poe’s story in The Last Jedi is a hot mess. As soon as his beautiful, black X-Wing was blown up everything was basically turned upside down for Poe Dameron and rightfully so. He’s never had to lead, or be led, without the stimulation of his cockpit far from reach. And yet here he was, stuck on a ship, enduring a slow motion chase as the First Order continuously followed the Resistance’s ships until they would run out of fuel and he wasn’t able to do anything about it. His brain practically exploded.

He was so out of line Leia had to stun him! That’s hilarious. But he did learn his lesson and seeing his growth from an ace pilot to a level-headed leader in the The Last Jedi is actually one of the joys of the film for me and this scene accentuates that.

When Luke went to face Kylo Ren he could’ve easily made a brash decision and decide to take that as a chance to fight but instead he chose the smartest thing to do. He led the Resistance to safety instead of leaving them to a heroic death. A much different and wiser Poe made that decision than the same Poe at the beginning of the movie.

When he returns in Episode IX I am beyond excited to see him as a legitimate leader of the Resistance and watch as he takes the spark and lights the First Order up…with his piloting skills. 🙂

These are, to me, his Greatest Moments and I can’t wait to see this list extend in the far future. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

The Five Best Scenes of ‘The Phantom Menace’

The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars movie I’ve ever watched and that’s why it still has such a special place in my heart. It had so many exciting elements that could’ve been utilized in the sequels but unfortunately the trilogy quickly went down the drain after Attack of the Clones. For the next nine days I’m going to share with you the five best scenes of the nine Star Wars movies and I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I’m going to have fun writing them.

1. The Arrival of the Jedi

Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Lindsay Duncan, and John Fensom in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

One of the coolest scenes of The Phantom Menace is when you see the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin and his padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, for the first time in the movie. There’s a certain mystique about them as they’re led through the Trade Federation ship, their faces hidden beneath their cloaks, but when they reveal themselves it’s always been one of my favorite scenes of the movie.

Qui-Gon is such a cool character and then his padawan is Obi-Wan! How awesome is that? It’s really one of the best scenes in the movie.

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